Despite a less than favorable weather forecast, I really wanted to exit the lagon; not only did I dislike the feeling of being pent-up inside but I didn't like my keel constantly hitting the bottom while at anchor and didn't want to relocat to another position as I wasn't sure I could find something better. I had fun while clearing out, there was some sort of altercation between an immigration official and someone from a ferry and thus there was only one desk open, and they were clearing in boats with large number of passengers or crew so I had to wait for over an hour to clear out, clearing in on the French side took less than five minutes (although they were closed for lunch and we had a long wait there).
Once we made it out of the Simpson Bay for the 11am bridge opening we motored past the megayacht Luna to see how the other half lives and then proceeded to sail under heavy reefs towards Marigot. The winds really picked up at over 20 knots to gusts of close to 30 and the waves were appropriately high so it was an exciting sail, punctuated by having a flight on final approach to the airport fly over us and having 2 dolphins briefly swim alongside shortly thereafter.
After walking around Marigot and clearing in to the French side, we motored to Grand Case for the night and both Desi and Agathe got their first swim in Caribbean waters before we headed ashore for some walking about and a small dinner at one of the LoLos close to the dock. After dinner we lounged aboard for while before retiring; it was still unsettled and rather rolly aboard so I don't know how they'll sleep.

Desi helming Zanshin Desi at the helm of Zansihn for the first time as we passed the Princess Juliana airport in St. Martin (see the approaching jet in the background)
[18°2'29.7"N 63°7'45.58"W (facing E)]
Desi helming Zanshin
Desi videoing a landing jet Desi taking a video of a jet on final approach to Princess Juliana Airport in St. Martin as we sailed underneath the approach path.
[18°2'12.07"N 63°7'32.14"W (facing W)]
Desi videoing a landing jet
Jet arriving in St. Martin Just as we passed underneath the final approach path under sail in Zanshin this jet flew over us.
[18°2'20.44"N 63°7'37.86"W (facing E)]
Jet arriving in St. Martin
Jet landing in St. Martin Jet about to land at the airport. Note all the people on the beach, just a couple feet away from the landing jet.
[18°2'20.3"N 63°7'35.85"W (facing E)]
Jet landing in St. Martin
Dolphins off St. Martin Two dolphins playing around the bow of Zanshin as we transit from the Dutch to the French side of the island
[18°3'10.54"N 63°8'55.41"W ]
Dolphins off St. Martin
Dolphins off our starboard side An adult and juvenile dolphin frolicked around the boat for a bit, just long enough for me to get the camera out and to catch a couple of pictures.
[18°3'10.54"N 63°8'55.41"W ]
Dolphins off our starboard side
Agathe and Desi swimming Agathe and Desi in the warm Caribbean waters for the first time since arriving, as swimming in the Simpson Bay lagoon is contraindicated.
[18°6'17.28"N 63°3'28.81"W ]
Agathe and Desi swimming
Grand Case anchorage The beach and shoreline behind the anchored boats in Grand Case.
[18°6'17.2"N 63°3'29.81"W (facing SE)]
Grand Case anchorage
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