I just took a look at the sunset and while gazing at the golden chiaroscuro in the sky I wondered where the day had gone and although I seems to be doing something all day I had no idea how I managed to spend so much time doing so little. I did do a dive at Créole Rock and subsequently went ashore to get some provisions. Neither of those two activities was particularly profitable for me; upon return from the first dive I noticed that my wonderful Tilley hat and sunglasses were no longer aboard the dinghy and are most likely floating towards the BVI and on the second my foray ashore was disappointing in that today was a holiday (for Mardi Gras).
After sunset and a sundowner I intended on cleaning up the the boat but after making a light dinner I was hit by an inexplicable lethargy and just sat in the cockpit looking at the lights ashore and managed to get nothing done at all. I really must be on Island Time now.

Gear aboard the dinghy Drifting back from the boat with the dive gear aboard the dinghy and about to head off to Creole Rock for a dive.
[18°6'17.2"N 63°3'26.96"W (facing SE)]
Gear aboard the dinghy
Ikelite housing prior to immersion Taken just before dropping the camera off the side (it is attached with the black line) and going for a swim.
(2012-02-20 11:45:27 PENTAX Optio WS80 [f/6.3, 1/800s] ISO 64)
Ikelite housing prior to immersion
Creole Rock divesite The aboveground portion of the Creole Rock divesite taken from the mooring ball prior to going to the underwater part.
[18°7'2.21"N 63°3'23.56"W (facing N)]
Creole Rock divesite
Colorful anemone I love these anemones, they are not only pretty but usually have a little drum or cleaner shrimp nearby.
[18°7'4.49"N 63°3'25.8"W ]
Colorful anemone
Parrotfish at the cleaners This parrot fish was hovering next to the rock and getting cleaned.
[18°7'4.49"N 63°3'25.8"W ]
Parrotfish at the cleaners
Cleaner Shrimp under the rocks Cleaner Shrimp under the rocks
[18°7'4.49"N 63°3'25.8"W ]
Cleaner Shrimp under the rocks
Trumpetfish snout Trumpetfish snout
[18°7'4.49"N 63°3'25.8"W ]
Trumpetfish snout
Peacock Flounder swimming I caught this peacock flounder in the act of swimming from one location to another.
[18°7'4.49"N 63°3'25.8"W ]
Peacock Flounder swimming
Spotted Burrfish I finally got a relatively close photo of these rather shy and retiring fish.
[18°7'4.49"N 63°3'25.8"W ]
Spotted Burrfish
Filling the dive tank Here I've just attached the fill assembly to the tank and am starting to refill it. The fill pressure is 3000PSI and this tank is still more than half full, but the dive I did was at 10-20 feet so didn't require much air at all.
(2012-02-21 09:39:59 PENTAX Optio WS80 [f/6.3, 1/500s] ISO 64)
Filling the dive tank
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