Although the boat is still rocking around enough to making walking a bit difficult aboard, the weather has settled sufficiently to make staying here another night worthwhile after all. I am going to do some tasks aboard the boat and try one more dive at Créole Rock to test out my fancy new wetsuit and then I'll get a bit of provisions ashore before heading to St. Barths for a couple of days.
The wetsuit worked just fine, although I do need to put in a pound or two more lead weights so that I'm not as bouyant. The conditions at Créole rock were not particularly good as the visibility was bad due to the previous day's heavy wave action, but a couple of fish did come out and I had the macro lens attachment so I took some snaps that were worth keeping.
Despit the previous dive's visibility issues, I tried a second dive and put the 2nd macro screw-on lens onto the camera, thus I have s 2x and a 4x (which is either 6x or 8x, depending upon whether they are additive or multiplicative) and the camera housing is currently drying out so I won't know if any of the pictures turned out until later.
Some of the pictures turned out and have been added to the page. I took the camera ashore later for dinne and walking around town, but neglected to take any shots, so today's collection is 100% underwater.

Sea Anemone A sea anemone waving its arms in the swell.
[18°7'3.83"N 63°3'25.03"W ]
Sea Anemone
Shrimp looking pugnacious Somehow this shrimp struck me a looking vaguely pugnacious, with an attitude that says "come any closer and I'll bop ya".
[18°7'3.83"N 63°3'25.03"W ]
Shrimp looking pugnacious
Greeneyed Hogfish This hogfish followed me around for a bit, but every time the camera pointed in its direction it would just swim away a short distance and return once the camera was pointed elsewhere.
[18°7'3.83"N 63°3'25.03"W ]
Greeneyed Hogfish
Green moray being cleaned This moray was being cleaned by several Pederson shrimp, one of which has its tentacles sticking out, but retired to the darkness of the hole after this picture.
[18°7'3.83"N 63°3'25.03"W ]
Green moray being cleaned
Lobster being cleaned I didn't know that cleaning shrimp attended to lobster as well, but this one was getting cle3aned while I watched.
[18°7'3.83"N 63°3'25.03"W ]
Lobster being cleaned
Coral up close Coral up close
[18°7'3.83"N 63°3'25.03"W ]
Coral up close
Lionfish at Creole Rock I didn't know that Lionfish had made it to St. Martin; but this one was openly parading around the Creole Rock national park.
[18°7'3.83"N 63°3'25.03"W ]
Lionfish at Creole Rock
Bicolor Damselfish Bicolor Damselfish
[18°7'3.83"N 63°3'25.03"W ]
Bicolor Damselfish
Coral flora Colorful flora underwater, at least when using a bright flash to bring out the colors.
[18°7'3.79"N 63°3'24.85"W ]
Coral flora
Pederson cleaner shrimp waving I tried to coax this cleaner shrimp to clean my hands, but I either didn't do it right or the shrimp decided that there'd be no parasites on my fingers so opted to retreat.
[18°7'3.79"N 63°3'24.85"W ]
Pederson cleaner shrimp waving
Green Moray up close Green Moray up close
[18°7'3.79"N 63°3'24.85"W ]
Green Moray up close
Spiny Caribbean lobster He's in a national park and not too worried about being hunted (by humans).
[18°7'3.79"N 63°3'24.85"W ]
Spiny Caribbean lobster
Cleaner shrimp and Moray The shrimp had finished cleaning the Moray and was soliciting custom again.
[18°7'3.79"N 63°3'24.85"W ]
Cleaner shrimp and Moray
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