The motto of today's morning dive was "All I got were these lousy 4 pictures" - I went to the shallow reef dive spot here in Grand Case which is quite a long way out and marked only with a small white bouy but once in the water I realized that there was a big surge, even at 20-30 feet, and that the visibility was down and the surge made going close to the bottom difficult. Nevertheless I snapped merrily away with the camera but in the end I deleted all but 4 pictures and I'm posting them as “filler” content despite their lack of quality.
After going ashore for a bit I returned to the boat but noticed a blue silhouette in the anchorage that looking hauntingly familiar and I headed out there to investigate and, yes indeed, the old Zanshin I, renamed "Miriam's Star" was there! What a small world it can be!

Convoluted brain coral Convoluted brain coral
[18°7'3.44"N 63°3'24.08"W ]
Convoluted brain coral
Colorful anemone Colorful anemone
[18°7'3.44"N 63°3'24.08"W ]
Colorful anemone
Coral growing Coral growing
[18°7'3.44"N 63°3'24.08"W ]
Coral growing
Black & White coral Black & White coral
[18°7'3.44"N 63°3'24.08"W ]
Black & White coral
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