After the crowds from Tuesday's road fair in Grand Case departed I debated what I should do; I finally am going to get the paperwork for the boat via FedEx in the next 2 days so will head to Marigot for that, but I was comfortably anchored so I opted to spend the day doing nothing (again). I did a dive at Creole rock in the hopes that visibility would finally be acceptable, but it wasn't... I scuba dived a complete circumnavigation of the rocks underwater and hoped that the Atlantic side would be nicer. Although the scenery was a lot more interesting, the heavy swell under the water, even at 20 feet, made for difficult swimming and terrible pictures and the 2 big spotted eagle rays I noticed managed to stay well out of camera distance and although I took a total of 80 pictures, only 3 were even marginally acceptable and all the rest have been deleted!
I went ashore in order to get some staples and walked around Grand Case a bit more, finding Octopus Diving and getting some great advice from Sally and Chris regarding equipment and I got to see a re-breather kit for the first time and am playing with the idea of taking a technical diving class (going down with 2 or more tanks and staying longer with a series decompression stops on the way back up).

Underwate Flora at Creole Rock Taken on a very murky day.
[18°7'3.64"N 63°3'24.37"W ]
Underwate Flora at Creole Rock
Lizardfish Taken on a very murky day, this was one of the few pictures that I didn't delete immediately, so it made it onto the site.
[18°7'3.64"N 63°3'24.37"W ]
Scrawled Filefish and Parrotfish Taken on a very murky day.
[18°7'3.64"N 63°3'24.37"W ]
Scrawled Filefish and Parrotfish
Ikelite housing drying The Ikelite dive housing drying out in the warm shade on the boat.
(2012-02-08 13:09:45 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/16.0, 1/125s] ISO 100 Focus 1.19m)
Ikelite housing drying
Group jump off the dock A group of partiers jumping off the dinghy dock in Grand Case, they were on their afternoon off from working aboard one of the cruise ships docked in Philipsburg.
[18°6'13.34"N 63°3'19.84"W (facing NW)]
Group jump off the dock
Grand Case shoreline Today's waves along the beach were more reasonable, in the prior days they reached all the way to the buildings and those guests and beach chairs wouldn't have had a chance.
[18°6'12.52"N 63°3'21.51"W (facing NE)]
Grand Case shoreline
Beachfront restaurants in Grand Case A shot taken as dusk was turning to dark along the beach at Grand Case in St. Martin. Most of the shorefront is filled with restaurants and bars.
[18°6'11.81"N 63°3'20.59"W (facing SW)]
Beachfront restaurants in Grand Case
Dinghy dock in Grand Case This was taken just after the sun had set in Grand Case, St. Martin from the old and broken pier towards the dinghy dock.
[18°6'11.84"N 63°3'20.78"W (facing NE)]
Dinghy dock in Grand Case
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