For some reason I did not sleep much the night before and was rather tired most of the day; which started with a quick coffee and internet connectivity at La Sucrière followed by some cleaning up aboard the boat and then I motorsailed from Marigot to Grand Case and anchored off the shore there around 13:00 whereupon I put together the underwater housing with a different lens with macro attachment plus the flash and dinghied over to the little island which is a nature preserve. I should have dispensed with the flash as there was a lot of backscatter at the distances I was shooting - it would have worked better in deeper waters while diving and getting very close to the subjects I was interested in. Well, it is a learning process and I was still happy that some of the pictures weren't too bad for a first attempt.

Marigot tourist market This market gets set up every day that a cruiseship is in town at Philipsburg and brings busloads of cruise ships guests. While some of the items are actually unique, most serve one purpose only - to separate the visitors from their cash.
[18°4'3.25"N 63°5'10.4"W (facing NW)]
Marigot tourist market
Water filters drying in the sun After washing and soaking them in bleach, I hung the filters out to dry and to ensure that all traces of bleach are gone, as that will destroy the expensive watermaker pressure element in seconds. The two diesel jugs have also been drained into the tank.
[18°4'1.94"N 63°5'20.05"W (facing N)]
Water filters drying in the sun
Marigot market stalls The colorful stall in the Marigot marketplace at the ferry dock is set up each morning in expectation of the influx of cruise ship guests which are trucked in from Philipsburg.
[18°4'3.25"N 63°5'10.4"W (facing NW)]
Marigot market stalls
Ship Zanzibar These were my neighbours in Marigot, some French people living aboard this German Bavaria. He plays the guitar at various places and she is a private school tutor.
(2012-02-02 10:11:19 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/13.0, 1/60s] ISO 100 Focus 10.60m)
Ship Zanzibar
Setting up Ikelite camera gear Setting up the Ikelite underwater kit for the Nikon D7000. I put another dome on and used my 35mm primary lens with a +4 diopter to make it a macro lens.
(2012-02-02 13:01:41 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/3.8, 1/25s] ISO 100 Focus 0.60m)
Setting up Ikelite camera gear
Blue runners Two curious blue runners attracted by the light of the flash.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Blue runners
Spotted Eagle Ray drifting by This spotted eagle ray surprised me by just gliding by beneath me, accompanied by sharksuckers.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Spotted Eagle Ray drifting by
Sergeant Major A curious sergeant major caught in the flashlight.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Sergeant Major
Spotted Eagle Ray and friends The spotted eagle ray with remora drifting by slowly underneath me while I was snorkeling.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Spotted Eagle Ray and friends
Coral growths in Grand Case I had to test out my flash on something not moving so used this coral formation as a captive subject.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Coral growths in Grand Case
Parrotfish from above A parrotfish looking up at me with a bit of concern while rushing off.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Parrotfish from above
Bluestriped Grunt A bluestriped grunt in the rocks at Grand Case.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Bluestriped Grunt
Trumpetfish under the rocks A Trumpetfish hiding under the rocks and behind some sea urchins.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Trumpetfish under the rocks
Multihued fish I don't know what kind of a fish this was, but it was certainly quite colorful.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Multihued fish
Scrawled Filefish A Scrawled filefish, which took me a very long time to find in the fish identification book, just under the surface in Grand Case.
[18°7'2.95"N 63°3'23.56"W ]
Scrawled Filefish
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