We had a late breakfast today, then a short snorkel to the edges of the Colombier anchorages where Wolfgang discovered that he and snorkels don't get along. After that we motored into Gustavia and proceeded to anchor there in order to clear in and go shopping ashore. The clearing in part was quite easy, but everything - including restaurants and cafés were closed up tight on Sunday. We did find a restaurant that was open and serving lunch and after stoking up on energy we walked up the hill to see the aircraft approach and land - an impressive sight as the aircraft come over the roundabout at the top of the hill and then dive down towards the very short and sloping runway.
By the time we'd done our share of sightseeing and weighted anchor to return to our place in Colombier it was approaching dusk and after getting the mooring ball (on the first attempt, once again) we were ready for dinner from the BBQ.

Fish in Colombier Fish in Colombier
[17°55'34.46"N 62°52'13.86"W ]
Fish in Colombier
Yacht Aquarius The sleek lines of Aquarius as it is anchored off Gustavia in St. Barths
(2012-01-22 16:39:32 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/11.0, 1/125s] ISO 100 Focus 7.94m)
Yacht Aquarius
Gustavia Port The inner docks at Gustavia, St. Barths.
[17°53'46.14"N 62°50'55.54"W (facing NW)]
Gustavia Port
Yacht Gotta Go Two bikes chained to the aft section of Gotta Go at the docks in Gustavia, St. Barths.
[17°53'54.24"N 62°51'1.17"W (facing W)]
Yacht Gotta Go
Plants in Gustavia Green foliage in the gardens overlooking Gustavia.
[17°53'57.45"N 62°51'0.81"W (facing N)]
Plants in Gustavia
Wolfgang at runway's end Wolfgang waiting for an aircraft to approach the airport at St. Barths.
[17°54'14.98"N 62°50'53.03"W (facing E)]
Wolfgang at runway's end
Final approach St. Barths Single-engined airplane coming over the roundabout at the hill overlooking the St. Barths airport.
[17°54'14.99"N 62°50'52.92"W (facing NW)]
Final approach St. Barths
Catching the moment Wolfgang filming the approach on final approach of a commuter aircraft landing at St. Barths
[17°54'14.88"N 62°50'52.85"W (facing W)]
Catching the moment
Downhill final approach Commuter aircraft about to land at the difficult airport in St. Barths
[17°54'15.24"N 62°50'53.25"W (facing E)]
Downhill final approach
Beach ashtrays A novel approach to portable ashtrays so that the beach is left pristine.
[17°54'10.98"N 62°51'8.45"W (facing S)]
Beach ashtrays
Gustavia, St. Barths Panorama shot of the inner harbour of Gustavia on St. Barths.
[17°54'1.92"N 62°51'4.71"W (facing S)]
Gustavia, St. Barths
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