After another hefty breakfast, Wolfgang and I proceed to set sail in boisterous conditions today, with over 3 reefs in the main and 2 reefs in the genoa. Winds were 20+ knots for most of the day and made good speed tacking upwind past Île Tintamarre and then heading for the distant Île Fourchue on a single tack in heavy Atlantic seas. Despite having just a bit of sail out, we did 7-8 knots and weren't heeled over excessively and Wolfgang did a great job of steering us to our destination, giving “Otto” the autopilot a deserved rest.
Even though I say so myself, Wolfgang and I did a good job picking up the difficult French mooring ball (with no pennant) the first go, with Wolfgang at the helm; a job made more satisfying than otherwise since we had a crowd watching us. The anchorage at Île Fourchue is protected but we had some swell and significant gusts of wind blast us from above so after our trip ashore we opted to continue on to Anse Colombier on St. Barths. We arrived there after a short but fast sail and once again managed to pick up the mooring ball on the first go without any undue shouting or other antics, this time the crowd was even bigger.
The sunset was a wonder to behold and shortly thereafter we set about making steak BBQ with sour cream, butter bread, baked potatoes and a reduced onion/red wine sauce that was very tasty indeed.

Boisterous seas Wolfgang was at the helm on this windy 20+ knot day with heavy but not breaking seas.
(2012-01-21 16:40:03 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/10.0, 1/40s] ISO 100 Focus 3.16m)
Boisterous seas
Wolfgang helming off St. Barths Wolfgang manning the helm on this particularly windy day.
(2012-01-21 16:39:21 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/13.0, 1/30s] ISO 100 Focus 3.76m)
Wolfgang helming off St. Barths
Zanshin at Ile Fourchue Zanshin moored at Ile Fourchue off St. Barths as Wolfgang and I climb up to the top of this craggy volcanic island.
[17°57'25.62"N 62°54'5.13"W (facing W)]
Zanshin at Ile Fourchue
Ile Fourchue from above Looking down on the anchorage with Zanshin from the top of the hills on Ile Fourchue
[17°57'27.24"N 62°54'1.66"W (facing W)]
Ile Fourchue from above
Turk's head cactus This Turk's head cactus is an endangered and rare plant found on St. Martin and St. Barths; this one is on Ile Fourchue off St. Barths
[17°57'25.69"N 62°54'4.36"W ]
Turk's head cactus
Craggy Ile Fourchue Grass on Ile Fourchue
[17°57'28.48"N 62°54'3.2"W (facing E)]
Craggy Ile Fourchue
St. Barths seen from Ile Fourchue St. Barths in the distance as seen from the top of Ile Fourchue
[17°57'25.91"N 62°53'57.95"W (facing SE)]
St. Barths seen from Ile Fourchue
Wolfgang catching the moment Wolfgang caught in the act of taking a sunset snapshot at Anse Columbier on St. Barths.
[17°55'28.55"N 62°52'10.27"W (facing W)]
Wolfgang catching the moment
Sunset at Colombier If I hadn't taken the picture myself, I wouldn't have believed the colors.
[17°55'29.28"N 62°52'9.88"W (facing SW)]
Sunset at Colombier
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