We started off the day by clearing out at the Capitainerie in the Port Royal marina and then returned the rental car, did some provisioning and the headed into the lagoon on the dinghy. We did a short stop at Bernd and Carmen's “Mau” so that I could pick up some bottom paint for Rob on Arita (well, now on Southern Comfort) which they, in turn, had picked up at Budget Marine for me. Instead of poisonous bottom paint we got some wonderful crème brûlée left over from the night before and a tour of their boat. We left, sated, but had forgotten the bottom paint. We subsequently met up at Lagoonies and then proceeded, along with Mark from Sea Life, to the St. Martin Yacht Club terrace overlooking the entrance to the lagoon for the traditional 17:30 bridge opening and welcoming the incoming yachts. After that we had dinner at Barnacle's and picked up the very heavy bottom paint on our way back to the boat. A very long way indeed with this soft-bottomed dinghy but luckily I was at the back of the dinghy doing the driving and didn't get too wet.

Nat and Rob perusing the menu Nat and Rob reading through our lunchtime menu at a restaurant close to the ferry dock in Marigot, St. Martin.
[18°4'5.77"N 63°5'8.61"W ]
Nat and Rob perusing the menu
Stocking up on supplies Nat and Rob bringing much needed medical supplies to the dinghy at the dock in Marigot, St. Martin.
[18°4'5.57"N 63°5'11.05"W (facing NE)]
Stocking up on supplies
Carmen on board Mau I visited Carmen and Bernd aboard Mau in the lagoon in order to pick up some bottom paint destined for another boat, but we got wonderful creme brulee instead and left - about an hour later we recalled that we'd forgotten the bottom paint!
[18°2'54.16"N 63°6'0.68"W ]
Carmen on board Mau
Snoopy Island ego alley The huge yachts lined up at the docks on what used to be called Snoopy Island but is now just an IGY Marina.
[18°2'18.28"N 63°5'26.34"W (facing S)]
Snoopy Island ego alley
St. Martin bridge opening viewing Carmen, Bernd, Rob, Nat and Mark on the balcony of the St. Martin Yacht Club at the bridge for the traditional sundowner drinks while watching the yachts enter at the 17:30 bridge opening. Sometimes one gets to see action when the huge megayachts enter and don't quite make it without scraping the sides.
[18°2'8.84"N 63°5'37.63"W (facing E)]
St. Martin bridge opening viewing
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