As I'd been a good boy and went to bed early the night before I was up a 07:00 and was surprised that the night's rains and wind had drifted the charter boat behind me right up to my stern. Then I realized that boats don't drag upwind so I checked to see if I'd somehow dragged anchor (unlikely, with 110 feet of chain in 20 feet of water) but I hadn't done so. When I looked at the situation more carefully I saw that the charter boat changed anchoring position and was also tied to a marker buoy by the stern; they were probably swinging too much in the wind and used that white ball as a kedge.
The charter boat just left, I had to motor forward a bit so that they could get the chain up; I don't know when they re-anchored but they must have been quite close to me while doing so and thankfully I slept through all of that.
I sailed from the North Sound to Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke and shortly after leaving the Sound my faithful friend, “Otto”, decided to throw a fit. The system has a rudder angle sensor which shows how many degrees the rudder is angled one way or the other and suddenly, without my moving the wheel, it would display random and extreme values to both side. When the autopilot is engaged it uses that value for heading which meant that the system was moving the wheel around in random directions so I had to hand-steer until shortly before Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit; then I decided to re-boot the system to see if that would ameliorate the problem and after re-starting it worked again. I'll have to take a day in a calm anchorage and check the mounting hardware to see if something might be loose.
I went to Corsair's bar for dinner and had a great pizza and too many drinks; my intention was a quick meal and return to the boat but in this case the quick part meant from 18:00 to just before midnight. As always it was entertaining and I met a number of interesting people.

Close neighbour This charter boat had anchored 200 feet or so further downwind from me the night before, but when I woke up they were right next to me. They'd re-anchored and used a mooring ball as a kedge and I had to turn on my engine to move forward so that they could depart.
[18°30'8.38"N 64°21'55.2"W (facing W)]
Close neighbour
Dinghy surfing in the waves The occasional big swell on this small trip from Virgin Gorda to Jost van Dyke would cause the dinghy to surf down a wave towards me and I was afraid that it would get swamped or overturned.
(2012-01-01 18:17:17 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/5.0, 1/160s] ISO 100 Focus 15.00m)
Dinghy surfing in the waves
Single downwind tack I couldn't head straight from Virgin Gorda to Jost van Dyke as it was directly downwind and there was a big swell which would cause the boat to roll and the sails to flap, so I did one tack to keep the wind about 20-30 degrees off the stern.
(2012-01-01 18:17:51 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/4.0, 1/80s] ISO 100 Focus 0.67m)
Single downwind tack
Sandy Spit on New Year's Even Sandy Spit was very crowded on New Year's day; normally there are, at most, 10 boats or so to be seen there.
[18°26'47.89"N 64°42'41.2"W (facing NE)]
Sandy Spit on New Year's
Deserted Sandy Cay I've been on this little island before as the only person on it - but this New Year's day celebration brought out the crowds and someone must have brought a generator and stereo as the music was blasting.
[18°26'18.87"N 64°42'55.26"W (facing SE)]
Deserted Sandy Cay
Ali Baba's 2 hole golf course Ali Baba's (a bar/restaurant) set up this wonderful and challenging 2 hole golf course between the restaurant and the beach on Jost van Dyke in the BVI.
[18°26'42.63"N 64°45'2.12"W (facing S)]
Ali Baba's 2 hole golf course
Corsair's bar during the day A rare (for me) daylight shot of the bar at Corsair's
[18°26'42.92"N 64°45'3.58"W (facing N)]
Corsair's bar during the day
Vinnie's Jeep and Great Harbour Vinnie has 2 jeeps on the island that he parks in the main parking lot of Corsair's bar, the other parking space is currently empty.
[18°26'42.66"N 64°45'3.02"W (facing S)]
Vinnie's Jeep and Great Harbour
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