Today was spent in unpacking and storing things aboard the new boat, but a number of adventurous sailors were out and about the Annapolis area and provided a nice diversion while they were passing and racing along.

Winter sail in Annapolis Sailboats sailing / racing in Annapolis on a deceptively cold day
[38°58'24.32"N 76°28'57.01"W (facing W)]
Winter sail in Annapolis
Heeling sailboat These sailboats must have very small keels and must also be tender, as they were heeling over quite a bit despite the light and variable winds in Annapolis this cold day.
[38°58'24.14"N 76°28'56.74"W (facing N)]
Heeling sailboat
Sailing in front of the Academy Sailboats in the Annapolis harbour with the Annapolis Maritime Academy in the background.
[38°58'24.11"N 76°28'56.66"W (facing N)]
Sailing in front of the Academy
Zanshin decks in Annapolis The decks of Zanshin while docked in Annapolis - right after washing away the numerous bird droppings that seemed to collect whenever the decks were clean. Those Maryland birds sure eat a lot...
[38°58'23.36"N 76°28'56.16"W (facing NW)]
Zanshin decks in Annapolis
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