Friday, March 4, 2011

Today was a very busy day. I started shortly before 7am and went to the laundry in order to get there before the lady who tends to control it during the day and doesn't allow private use of the coin-operated machines. Unfortunately there was some sort of a problem with the water supply and it took close to 30 minutes for the water to trickle into the machine but on the fortunate side the machine didn't count down the timer while the water filled to container. After getting my two loads cleaned and dried I took them back to the boat in order to store them. The generator has been repaired and the repairmen spent from 9am through to 1am getting it reinstalled and re-wired; but they were not able to complete the job prior to the boat getting hauled out.

Nanny Cay laundry Once again I find myself spending time in a coin-operated laundromat doing laundry; rather reminiscent of college days. This particular laundromat at Nanny Cay usually has a lady who will do your laundry for a fee and she lords over the washing machines during the day and won't let anyone use them. Thus one has to go early, or late if one wishes to do the work oneself.

[18°24'0.23"N 64°38'4.97"W ]
Nanny Cay laundry
Preparing to get hauled out Zanshin I getting ready to be hauled out in preparation for summer storage. I've not removed the bimini yet.

[18°24'2.44"N 64°38'6"W (facing E)]
Preparing to get hauled out
Nanny Cay storage Looking at the travelifts in the yard at Nanny Cay on Tortola in the BVI. This is where I often stored my boats and they do a very, very good job.
Nanny Cay storage
Packing for return This is the contents of my suitcase for the return journey - a couple of dirty items, the notebook and a paperback.
Packing for return
Nanny Cay Hotel The hotel entrance sign on the dockside of Nanny Cay in the BVI. The main hotel building also houses the marina showers - by far the nicest that I've seen anywhere on my travels.
Nanny Cay Hotel
Nanny Cay Marina While it looks idyllic and is a very protected marina, Nanny Cay is also often very hot as it is too protected from the cooling trade winds coming down the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

[18°23'52.74"N 64°38'7.34"W (facing NE)]
Nanny Cay Marina
Zanshin I freshly hauled out Zanshin I freshly hauled out
Zanshin I freshly hauled out
Up high in the yard Up high in the yard
Up high in the yard

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