Thursday, March 3, 2011

My last sailing day, I headed for Nanny Cay early in the morning, alternating between a nice downwind sail and having to put on the engine for short stretches so that I would make it back to the marina in time. When I arrived I contacted the company that had repaired my generator so that they could install it, but although the had promised to show up at 14:30-ish the owner came by at 18:30 and said that they hadn't made it, but would definitely show up the next morning in order to get the installation down while the boat was at the dock rather than on the hard.

I worked all afternoon at various tasks both below and above decks and got the genoa removed, inspected and then flaked and folded all by myself (with a bit of help from a dock cart), mainly because there was almost no wind in the marina. The lack of wind made outside tasks during the daylight hours tortuous as it felt very hot, so I did much of the inside work in the air-conditioned cabin until dusk.

I went to Mulligan's for dinner and watched part of the England versus France 6 nations rugby game, even though it was a replay and everyone knew that England had won.

Surreal sunlight in the BVI Surreal sunlight in the BVI
Surreal sunlight in the BVI
Mosquito Island rocks These rocks off Mosquito Island (privately owned by Sir Richard Branson) mark the beginning of the entrance channel to the North Sound.
Mosquito Island rocks
Shiny Stainless Shiny Stainless
Shiny Stainless
Road Town cruiseship Road Town cruiseship
Road Town cruiseship
Peg Legs bar during the day Peg Legs bar during the day

[18°23'49.65"N 64°38'7.26"W ]
Peg Legs bar during the day
Zanshin I Genoa I've taken off the Genoa and used a trolley to get it to this grassy area and am about to spread it out and then flake it so that it will fit in the forward sail locker for storage during the summer hurricane season.

[18°23'50.13"N 64°38'7.2"W ]
Zanshin I Genoa
Zanshin I's Genoa Preparing for storing the genoa aboard the boat for the summer. The next step is flaking the sail and then rolling the rest up and tying the whole thing up.

[18°23'49.85"N 64°38'7.11"W (facing NW)]
Zanshin I's Genoa
Genoa flaked and tied The genoa has been flaked, rolled and then tied together with the old sheet so that I can get it into the forward sail locker of Zanshin I

[18°23'50.19"N 64°38'7.35"W ]
Genoa flaked and tied
Mulligan's TV Avid rugy fans all dressed up for game watch England vs. France during the 6 nations Rugby tournament.

[18°24'6.04"N 64°38'2.16"W (facing S)]
Mulligan's TV

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