Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This was a day of indecision, I started off from Anegada with the intention of going to Jost van Dyke for my last night away from a dock, but that ended up being a dead downwind run and that was uncomfortable given the swell, so I bore off several degrees and headed towards Trellis Bay or Marina Cay but, having sailed most of the way there, I once again changed my mind and went to Leverick Bay and took a spot at the dock.

I hooked up power and switched on the air conditioning, not because of the temperature but because I wanted to get the boat dried out a bit and dehumidified. I topped up the tanks and cleaned the decks with fresh water and a brush, washed the anchor locker and got as much of the salt off the anchor chain as I could. After that it was the cockpit's turn to get a fresh water shower and I continued cleaning the boat until happy hour was well underway before I headed across for some food and entertainment at Jumbies. I returned early to the boat and continued my preparations for storage until late in the night.

Jumbies bar at happy hours Jumbies bar at happy hours

[18°29'53.13"N 64°23'9.37"W (facing S)]
Jumbies bar at happy hours
Highway to Anegada Each day a veritable flotilla of boats would head north to Anegada from the North Sound. The channel entrance can be a bit tricky, but with this many boats heading there one just needs to follow another boat, preferably one with a keel deeper than one's own.

[18°30'54.93"N 64°22'50.05"W (facing N)]
Highway to Anegada

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