Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The winds and waves were still strong and I was unsure of where to go. Paul from Tangaroa came by for an espresso and he convinced me that Anegada was the place to go and we decided to head up there at 10:00. I wasn't optimistic about the weather so put in a bit too many reefs for the conditions, but still had a rocking passage up to Anegada with the speed rarely going below 8knots. As my boat has more LWL than Tangaroa, I arrived at the outer markers somewhat earlier than he did so I dropped the anchor and did cleanup tasks until he arrived, then we transited the rather tricky and shallow entrance together.

I managed to find a weak internet connection and exchanged some e-mails with Germany, then went ashore for a walk around and somehow, magically, ended up sitting at Potter's bar and didn't get any further until it was time for dinner! Paul and I had dinner together and, while pricey, it was a perfect ending for a great sailing day and comfortable day on the islands.

North Sound floatplane landing North Sound floatplane landing

[18°30'6.37"N 64°21'54.81"W (facing S)]
North Sound floatplane landing
Floatplane taking off Floatplane taking off
Floatplane taking off
Flamingo landing Flamingo landing

[18°30'7.45"N 64°21'56.49"W (facing W)]
Flamingo landing
Sailing the North Sound Sailing the North Sound
Sailing the North Sound
Zanshin I under sail Zanshin I under sail
Zanshin I under sail
Sailing to Anegada Sailing to Anegada

[18°41'39.77"N 64°25'6"W (facing NE)]
Sailing to Anegada
Tangaroa approaching Anegada Tangaroa approaching Anegada

[18°37'12.78"N 64°23'9.82"W (facing W)]
Tangaroa approaching Anegada
Gusty tradewinds It was a gusty and windy day in Anegada, and not much water under the keel, either (I have my depth calibrated to read water under the bottom of the keel).

[18°43'16.88"N 64°22'58.6"W ]
Gusty tradewinds
Anegada Anchorage Anegada Anchorage

[18°43'16.5"N 64°22'59.35"W (facing N)]
Anegada Anchorage
Preparing Lobster The cook eviscerating and preparing the lobsters for their appointment with the BBQ later on in the evening.

[18°43'24"N 64°22'54.62"W ]
Preparing Lobster
Potter's lobster kitchen The new dinghy dock at Potter's by the Sea has this kitchen section made for preparing the lobsters for dinner.

[18°43'24"N 64°22'54.62"W ]
Potter's lobster kitchen
Lobsters awaiting fate These Anegada lobsters are being held in their pen and they won't be dying of old age.

[18°43'24"N 64°22'54.62"W ]
Lobsters awaiting fate
Potter's dinner menu Potter's dinner menu

[18°43'24.09"N 64°22'53.69"W ]
Potter's dinner menu
Potter's bar, Anegada Potter's bar, Anegada

[18°43'24.09"N 64°22'53.69"W ]
Potter's bar, Anegada
Oil drum BBQ The BBQ is being fired up in preparation for making dinner later on. This is an excellent use for old and disused oil drums.

[18°43'24.09"N 64°22'53.69"W ]
Oil drum BBQ
Potter's bar staff Potter's bar staff

[18°43'24.09"N 64°22'53.69"W ]
Potter's bar staff

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