Monday, February 28, 2011

While I somehow woke up at 07:30 I really shouldn't have and I do feel that lack of energy that accompanies too much imbibing and too little sleep. Luckily I did have some aspirin in the cupboard and then worked on this web site for while (the thumbnail pictures were all too large and needed compression in order to load faster, and I did some internal changes with cascading style sheets and javascript files to compress them and make them load faster. There are still some other things that I can do in order to speed up the site, but I'll need a clearer head before attacking those projects.

The rest of the afternoon was productive for this web site, but all I managed to do on the boat was print out 2 labels for Peli cases containing my private things.

Instead of making dinner aboard I joined Paul of Tangaroa for a meal at Saba Rock (which was much quieter and one could see that the staff was tired from the previous day's onslaught and relief at the light workload on the staff's faces) and a quiet evening.

Peli storage cases Storing the items on Zanshin I in waterproof and airtight Peli Cases.
Peli storage cases
Anchored in the North Sound Anchored in the North Sound
Anchored in the North Sound
Tall ship at dusk Tall ship at dusk
Tall ship at dusk
Virgin Gorda Sunset Virgin Gorda Sunset
Virgin Gorda Sunset

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