Sunday, February 27, 2011

It is still windy, but now it is a bit squally and rainy to boot, not much incentive to get going and head into Nanny Cay in preparation for storing the boat and returning to Europe, but I need to do it. I still need to reconfirm my flights today and will take care of that while I have internet connectivity. I am using my Ubiquiti Bullet external antenna raised up to the port spreader, it does get an excellent signal but oddly enough I get a bad connection to the Last Resort (300 feet away) but pick up a better signal from Marina Cay, about 1 mile away, but such are the vagaries of Wi-Fi.

WHAT A MESS! I kept on changing my return flight segment from Antigua to Frankfurt on Condor airlines around and managed to irrevocably and irretrievably mess up my flight and now the return leg has expired. The airline was kind enough to state that they will refund me the “fuel surcharge” costs now that I'm no longer taking their flight, but only upon written request and it might take some time to refund. I called up the airline via Skype earlier this morning to confirm my flight for tomorrow and got the good news from them. The flight is sold out from Antigua to Germany (the German operator wouldn't talk to me about this, I had to call a US Toll-free number as the new ticket originates outside Germany) but they did offer me a seat on the flight from the following Monday, but that would be far too late for my commitments in Germany this coming week.

I spent 4 hours on the web and on Skype trying to find an affordable flight departing in the next 2-3 days and met with no success at all - either one-way prices of over $2000 with more flight changes and stopovers than I wanted. One itinerary, over $2000, wanted to me spend 2 overnights to get to Germany!

I now have one option open on United Airlines using my hoarded frequent flyer miles and am awaiting confirmation that they will fly me out this Thursday. And since the saver awards and the economy awards are not available I can say good-bye to many, many miles.

For dinner I motored the dinghy across to Saba Rock, with a thriller in my backpack as I expected Sunday night to be dead. I was surprised to see the place packed to the rafters, it seems that the BVI Kite Jam was here tonight and the crowd was young and energetic and the band was doing a great (and loud) job.

Catamarans in Trellis Catamarans in Trellis
Catamarans in Trellis
Windy Trellis anchorage Windy Trellis anchorage
Windy Trellis anchorage
Trellis Cardinal mark One of the few cardinal marks that I saw in the BVI, in this case it is a North cardinal (both cones point up), meaning that one needs to be to the north of the mark in order to avoid the danger.

[18°27'6.21"N 64°31'48.69"W (facing SE)]
Trellis Cardinal mark
Tacking Zanshin I upwind The charplotter showing how I tacked Zanshin I up to the North Sound from Trellis Bay in the BVI
Tacking Zanshin I upwind
Cat off Fallen Jerusalem The name, ostensibly from Christopher Columbus (who also named Virgin Gorda) derives from the way the island looks like when approaching from the east, the boulder and rocks look like ruined buildings and thus the island was named.

[18°25'15.18"N 64°27'18.44"W (facing SE)]
Cat off Fallen Jerusalem
Deep reefs in the wind Both sails are heavily reefed in the wind, but Zanshin I has hardly any heel and is sailing quickly and comfortably along.
Deep reefs in the wind
Saba Rock Kite Jam The bar and restaurant at Saba Rock are rocking with all the participants of the 2011 Kite Jam present.

[18°30'10.3"N 64°21'28.13"W ]
Saba Rock Kite Jam
Saba Rock Kite Jam Saba Rock Kite Jam

[18°30'10.23"N 64°21'27.96"W ]
Saba Rock Kite Jam

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