Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I can feel the swell building and coming around the island, just enough to be noticeable. Windguru says 3.4 meter swell but at a 13 second period so sailing should be good but anchoring on the north side is going to be very uncomfortable, even for catamarans. I made bacon & eggs for breakfast this morning and once again almost had a coronary when the smoke detector went off while I was making the bacon crispy. This happens every time I make bacon so I should make it part of my breakfast preparations to remove the smoke detector and put it into the cockpit before firing up the stove top. And then, 30 seconds after the main cabin alarm goes off, the aft cabin one bleeps as well, I should close that door when cooking, too!

Then I attacked the task of removing everything from the forward sail locker, cleaning the locker and reattaching the light (which had broken and I had to jury rig a new switch). The storm sail and asymmetric genaker were aired and dried and then put back, plus some of the long-term storage items in Peli cases fit on the bottom layer of the locker, which has lots of space now that the two inflatable dinghies are no more.

Towards late afternoon I got lazy and my pace slowed down to next to nothing, and around 5:30 I took another swim, hopped in the shower, shaved and put on one of my best T-Shirts and motored the dinghy across the North Sound to see my friends at Leverick and catch part of the Happy 'Arrr show by Michael. I did talk with a couple that is professional crew (aboard the Neckar Belle) and got some excellent tips on maintenance work savers (particularly stainless steel) and boat selection.

Bacon breakfast Every time I made bacon in the galley of Zanshin I the smoke detectors would go off and set up an awful shrieking and wailing noise.
Bacon breakfast
Zanshin I's sail locker Zanshin I's sail locker
Zanshin I's sail locker
New docklines New docklines
New docklines
Emptying sail locker Emptying sail locker
Emptying sail locker
Repairs aboard Zanshin I Working on the boat, as usual. Many non-sailors think that life aboard a yacht in the Caribbean is just easy and the biggest decisions are which alcoholic beverage to open. The reality is that lots of stuff needs to be maintained and repaired. In this case, the light in the forward sail locker had a corroded switch which needed to be repaired.
Repairs aboard Zanshin I
Zanshin I storm sails I spread out and checked my heavy weather sails on Zanshin I on this day to make sure that they were ready should the occasion arise.

[18°30'9.33"N 64°22'4.44"W ]
Zanshin I storm sails
New running rigging New lines and running rigging for Zanshin I.
New running rigging
Jordan Series Drogue My handmade Jordan Series Drogue packed into a watertight Peli Case.
Jordan Series Drogue
Scottish Pirates A group of enthusiastic pirates at the Micheal Beans happy hour show at Leverick Bay Resort on Virgin Gorda in the BVI.
Scottish Pirates
Spectators at Happy'Arr The crowd is getting restless at the beginning of the Happy Hour show by Michael Beans at Levereck Bay on Virgin Gorda.
Spectators at Happy'Arr
Champion Pirates (Scots) This group of Scots had a roaring great time and certainly dressed the part!

[18°29'51.09"N 64°23'10.84"W (facing W)]
Champion Pirates (Scots)

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