Monday, February 21, 2011

I barely left the boat today. I spent the morning hours on the internet and catching up on these blog pages, then did some work on separating my private things from those that belong to the boat, then prepared the new genoa lines but failed when I tried to attach the new lines as it was too windy and the partially unfurled genoa was flapping around so much that it almost lifted me overboard! I'll postpone that task for a time when there is less wind. I took a dinghy tour of the new mega yacht dock facilities under construction, then got some pictures of the kite surfers and finally ended up towing a fellow cruiser with his dinghy and failing outboard from the centre of the North Sound to his catamaran.

Splicing and Whipping kit The tools of the trade are in my trusty Peli cases and this is one of my private items that doesn't belong to the boat.
Splicing and Whipping kit
Whipping lines Here I've whipped the ends of the new lines for Zanshin I
Whipping lines
Margrathea yacht Magrathea of Douglas Adams' fame. I dinghied over to make sure that the name came from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and the crew laughed and pointed at the big "42" on the boom - question answered.

[18°30'1.02"N 64°21'52.8"W (facing SE)]
Margrathea yacht
YCCS Marina BVI The new megayacht docks at the YCCS in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda in the BVI. While the clubhouse hadn't been completed when I took this picture, it certainly looked promising.

[18°29'31.2"N 64°21'25.7"W (facing W)]
Bitter End Villas Bitter End Villas

[18°30'9.13"N 64°21'21.21"W (facing S)]
Bitter End Villas
Serious Air time Serious Air time

[18°30'8.13"N 64°21'26.93"W (facing NE)]
Serious Air time
Windsurfing in the North Sound Windsurfing in the North Sound

[18°30'8.58"N 64°21'27.35"W (facing E)]
Windsurfing in the North Sound

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