Sunday, February 20, 2011

I awoke as usual and spent some time getting the dinghy outboard back on the dinghy without banging up the boat, then installing all the other accoutrements such as gas tank, seat, gas lines, etc. Once I finished I weighed anchor and motor sailed to Spanish Town and cleared in at the ferry terminal, they charged $16 for out-of-hours clearing and then the usual $10 for entry and I once again had to fill out all sorts of forms, making me wish for the simple French procedures despite their tortuous keyboard layout.

I provisioned a bit at the grocery store then went back to the boat and motored to my usual anchorage off Prickly Pear and then lost all energy and didn't do any of the tasks I had set out to do. Once the sun set I zipped the dinghy across to to Saba Rock and had a couple of drinks and their delicious beef tacos for dinner and was surprised when I was a approached by someone who I didn't recognize who did say that he knew me... It took a bit of gear shifting but it turned out to be an acquaintance from an internet forum and he is also the current holder of a number of original Jeanneau plates and I'll have to ransom those sometime by a generous supply of beverages.

BVI Fuel Tanker This small freighter is pumping gasoline through the floating pipe as it cannot get any closer to shore due to draft.
[18°27'10.13"N 64°26'18.13"W (facing NW)]
BVI Fuel Tanker
Sail and Power Sail and Power
Sail and Power
Motoring in the BVI Sometimes the wind just isn't strong enough, or the time too short, to set sail in light conditions and I turn on the "Iron Genny&qout; (the diesel engine) to get somewhere.
Motoring in the BVI
Katara Katara
Rocks at the North Sound Coming around the corner and about to enter the North Sound channel on Virgin Gorda in the BVI with the Bitter End Yacht Club in the background.
[18°31'5.44"N 64°23'20.98"W (facing SE)]
Rocks at the North Sound
Neckar Island, BVI The privately owned Neckar Island houses a very exclusive small hotel/resort and is owned by Sir Richard Branson.
[18°31'9.29"N 64°22'4.16"W (facing NE)]
Neckar Island, BVI
Cumulus over Leverick Cumulus over Leverick
Cumulus over Leverick

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