Saturday, February 19, 2011

I woke up at sunset but still needed time to get the dinghy outboard, fuel tank and other stuff aboard, as I'd decided to tow the empty dinghy behind me for the 80nm passage instead of putting it on deck. I'd also removed the self-draining hole plug so that should the dinghy get pooped and still be attached to the boat it would drain automatically. The swell was somewhere between 2 and 3 meters but widely separated so all that Zanshin I did was roll heavily occasionally as the waves were coming from the north and my course was 306° magnetic. I left at 8am and arrived at 19:30 with a slow sail, motor sailing much of the way due to the winds and wave action. I like doing a daytime passage to the BVI and getting into the North Sound at night isn't a problem, although the 2 green marker buoy lights are non-operational at the moment. After getting the boat sorted out I fired up the barbie with my emergency grill propane bottle (the main propane tank is still empty) and had a small steak with some rice.

Departing Marigot Looking back at Marigot when departing on passage to the St. Martin
Departing Marigot
Zanshin I towing dinghy Zanshin I towing dinghy
Zanshin I towing dinghy
Big waves at Marigot This is not the type of seas one wishes to see when departing St. Martin with a 90 mile passage to the BVI ahead of one. The seas were not the most comfortable on this trip.

[18°4'48.94"N 63°6'37.14"W (facing SW)]
Big waves at Marigot

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