Friday, February 18, 2011

As can be seen by the pictures, I didn't get away from the boat much. I measured the battery voltage this morning and one battery was 100% dead, reading just 10V instead of over 12V; probably caused by a single dead cell. Another battery read significantly lower than the others so I was off to Island Waterworld with the rejects and $400 later I had two new batteries as replacements. Once they were installed and hooked up I once again had to run the engine for hours in order to charge the cells, but was rewarded with a system that, after resting, held 12.75V at a full charge - Yippee!

Working on the Batteries Working on the Batteries
Working on the Batteries
Marigot Bay Marigot Bay
Marigot Bay
Marigot Sunset Marigot Sunset

[18°4'2.75"N 63°5'19.85"W (facing W)]
Marigot Sunset
Marigot at dusk Marigot at dusk

[18°4'3.19"N 63°5'22.87"W (facing W)]
Marigot at dusk

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