Saturday, February 12, 2011

This morning we set off from our anchorage on St. Kitts to the mooring ball field outside of the 4 Seasons hotel (newly reopened) on Nevis. The winds in the anchorage were light but I put a reef in both of Zanshin I's sails and set off just a couple of minutes after Arita did, but by the time I'd set my sails and turned off the engine they were far ahead of me already. I did catch up before we arrived and saw that Rob had cheated and was motor-sailing in order to use the trip to make some water. Lauren took some fantastic shots of Zanshin on the move which she was kind enough to give me for the web pages.

The anchorage in Nevis is relatively calm but there is a bit of a swell and we occasionally lie broadside-on to the swell and roll a bit, not badly, but enough to be noticeable.

I ended up borrowing Arita's dinghy so that I could wash some of the grime off the topsides and that ended up being a lot more effort than I'd originally thought, mainly because a strong breeze set in and I spent most of my energy holding on to the boat and keeping my balance. Nonetheless I finished after about 2 hours and was absolutely exhausted, but all three of us went ashore for drinks and dinner at Sunshine's Bar, getting the current version of how his “Killer Bee” drink got its name. The drinks were fine and we all ended up getting the ribs which were quite tasty and just right after the exercise of the day.

Arita at Nevis Lauren reciprocating by taking pictures of Zanshin I as we sail from Statia to St. Kitts and Nevis in rather boisterous conditions.

[17°11'35.78"N 62°38'36.7"W (facing SE)]
Arita at Nevis
Arita taking a mooring Lauren and Rob make an easy task of picking up a mooring ball in the large mooring field off the shore of Nevis.

[17°9'11.28"N 62°37'51.35"W (facing S)]
Arita taking a mooring
Enroute from St. Kitts Lauren from Arita caught these pictures as we sailed to Nevis from St. Kitts in strong conditions. One can see that I've got reefs in both sails but am still cruising right along.

[17°10'45.6"N 62°39'6.36"W ]
Enroute from St. Kitts
Zanshin I at sea Zanshin I at sea

[17°10'45.6"N 62°39'6.36"W ]
Zanshin I at sea
Heading for Sunshine's bar On passage from St. Kitts and heading for Nevis - the mooring field in front of Sunshine's beach bar and restaurant.

[17°10'45.6"N 62°39'6.36"W ]
Heading for Sunshine's bar
Mooring in Nevis Mooring in Nevis
Mooring in Nevis
Sunshine's Bar on Nevis Sunshine's Bar on Nevis

[17°9'9.89"N 62°37'42.57"W (facing W)]
Sunshine's Bar on Nevis
Pelican at sunset This picture was more of a coincidence than a plan. We'd jumped out of the bar at Sunshine's on the beach at Nevis in order to catch a picture of the setting sun, and I moved off at an angle to see if I could get both Arita and Zanshin I in the same frame and was pressing the shutter button when this pelican dove into the picture.

[17°9'9.77"N 62°37'43.54"W (facing W)]
Pelican at sunset

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