Friday, February 11, 2011

The winds seem to have finally settled a bit but I'm staying one more day before returning. After a breakfast of bacon and eggs and crackers (my toast had gone mouldy and fed the fish) I started doing some work on this website when Rob and Lauren came by and asked if I wanted to join them for a walk. The beach which walked along was covered in smooth round rocks of all sizes, the smallest of which were golf ball sized and ranging up in size from there; making traversing the shore rather difficult while wearing sandals. After managing to make it past the beach to the hills we encountered thick gorse and grass hiding rocks but climbed up anyway, but Lauren was having a difficult time of it in her open sandals without any tread and the descent was treacherous for her.

Upon return I added the pictures you see below and realized that I'd somehow managed to delete all the pictures and links in my main calendar pages. Luckily I'd done a backup of my system two days earlier and proceeded to restore those pages but I soon found out that using Microsoft's Windows 7 backup program in “let Windows choose what to backup” mode meant that they didn't like my website and opted not to backup that directory! So I spent from noon until just around sunset (when I popped up to take the last picture for the day) editing and fixing the calendar and other pages which I'd mangled. At least I was doing it in tropical weather and I'm still recovering from my first sunburn of the trip so it wasn't a total loss of a day.

St. Kitts monkeys St. Kitts monkeys

[17°14'57.6"N 62°39'14.45"W ]
St. Kitts monkeys
St. Kitts construction St. Kitts construction

[17°14'34.49"N 62°39'29.19"W (facing NW)]
St. Kitts construction
Brain coral on the beach Brain coral on the beach

[17°14'24.5"N 62°39'25.38"W ]
Brain coral on the beach
Dredging in St. Kitts This dredge is deepening the channel so that at some point in the future megayachts can come into this salt pond; which will then be a destination for the rich and famous.

[17°14'21.95"N 62°39'18.41"W (facing N)]
Dredging in St. Kitts
Lauren and Rob trekking We'd decided to go for a walk on the beach but ended up climbing up this hill; but Lauren had smooth soled shoes on which were very slippery and she need assistance getting back down the hill. The ground is covered with basketaball-sized rocks beneath the gorse, so even with shoes it wasn't the easiest of treks.

[17°14'18.37"N 62°39'13.39"W (facing SE)]
Lauren and Rob trekking
Sunset over White House Bay Sunset over White House Bay

[17°14'59.5"N 62°39'26.44"W (facing W)]
Sunset over White House Bay

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