Thursday, February 10, 2011

The wind blasted through the anchorage last night, it was by far the windiest evening I've had here, but WindGuru shows promising weather coming up in the next couple of days so I'm optimistic about getting on for ports unknown. Even though this anchorage is beautiful and idyllic my boat wants to get going again and put some miles under her keel.

I did some more work and chores aboard today and otherwise just spent the time lazing around and going swimming. I did finish cleaning and waxing the fibreglass on the aft wheel area and tried a new metal cleaning product called Prism Polish, which seems to have worked quite well in making the stainless shiny but time will tell if it actually protects it from rusting in spots again in the near future.

I had an early dinner and then my neighbours came over and we had some drinks and cheese and crackers and watched a thriller movie called Taken on my DVD and TV screen (which fortunately worked flawlessly).

Wind Guru forecast Wind Guru forecast
Wind Guru forecast
Ti Kanot Chris Doyle's Ti Kanot, a self-built catamaran. Chris came over one evening for dinner and movie with Lauren and Rob from Arita.

[17°14'57.81"N 62°39'27.52"W (facing E)]
Ti Kanot
White House Bay sunset White House Bay sunset

[17°14'58.69"N 62°39'24.98"W (facing W)]
White House Bay sunset

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