Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I woke up with the sun feeling refreshed and ready for a day of working on the boat and perhaps some snorkeling and swimming around the bay. The tour operators bring guests here for the day and the kayakers also start their journeys here so there must be some nice sights around and I'd love to catch some flora like the spotted eagle ray that I saw a couple of days ago. WindGuru reports better conditions than in the previous days, but there is still more red and orange than green for the next couple of days. The waves remain quite high and with a relatively short period.

The fast internet connection has been great, and odd and unusual sensation for me on the boat where I'm happy if I can get a free Wi-Fi signal at modem speeds; but here my connection is as good as or sometimes even better than I can get at home.

I decided to work on the winches and am glad I did, as the previous maintenance used far too much grease which collected dust, dirt and sand which was gritty and closer to sandpaper than lubrication. I had purchased economy paper towels sometime back and used them today, but they were absolutely useless and had the consistency and firmness of toilet paper! The cleaning went well until a gust of wind hit my workbench on deck and splashed the mineral spirits with dissolved grease all over the deck and table, that will take a lot of work to clean up but I won't do that until I finish all the maintenance work on the winches. I spent most of the day de-greasing, cleaning, honing then greasing and reassembling the winches, but I'm proud to state that everything went back together without the use of heavy tools and I have no little extraneous pieces left over; plus the wonderful realization that nothing went overboard.

I went over to Arita for happy hour and dinner and we had planned on watching a movie aboard my boat tonight but changed our plans as we were all tired and wanted an early night.

Too windy for comfort It is weather reports like this that kept me and Rob & Lauren from Arita, in the protected waters of White House Bay in St. Kitts for a week while we waited for it to subside. The swell was actually over 3m on the windward side and made for uncomfortable sailing.
Too windy for comfort
Zanshin I winch The main genoa winch removed and in the first stages of cleaning.
Zanshin I winch
Winch cleaning on Zanshin I Maintenance on a boat is neverending. Here I've got one of the main genoa winches taken apart and cleaned.
Winch cleaning on Zanshin I
Messy winch cleaning Messy work with different solvents aboard Zanshin I.
Messy winch cleaning
Small parts on a winch The winches can take very heavy loads but many of the small parts inside (see the top right) are delicate and easy to lose.
Small parts on a winch
Winch drum on Zanshin I Winch drum on Zanshin I
Winch drum on Zanshin I
Solvents on Zanshin I Acetone is one of those indispensable solvents aboard the boat, along with mineral spirits and denatured alcohol.
Solvents on Zanshin I
Mr. Winch Mr. Winch
Mr. Winch

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