Monday, February 07, 2011

Rob picked me up shortly before 9am and I took the car back to AVIS at the cruise ship dock, picking up a solitary hitchhiker on the way. After fuelling up and returning the rental, I got a lift from their van to about halfway and then ended up having no luck getting picked up (note to self - get a shave) and walked the whole mountainous stretch back to White House Bay, returning to the dock sometime before noon. The wind and waves on the windward side were still very high so I don't think I'll be going anywhere for a day or two and it is time to get some work done aboard the boat.
The beautiful mega yacht Talitha G is anchored outside the bay, I'll have to see if I can get a picture of her classic lines (she was built in 1929). I did encounter one of her crew members twice this morning, she passed me jogging away from the boat and later, as I was almost at the dinghy dinghy, jogged by me again and she certainly wasn't 82 years old!

Dinner was Mexican tonight with some very spicy rocket salad and that was so filling that it put me to sleep at an early hour.

St. Kitts road cut St. Kitts road cut

[17°16'46.67"N 62°40'43.61"W (facing S)]
St. Kitts road cut
Wind and waves on St. Kitts The windward side of St. Kitts shows the wind and big swell that kept Lauren and Rob from Arita and myself in the secure White House Bay anchorage on St. Kitts for over a week.

[17°16'47.17"N 62°40'39.52"W (facing E)]
Wind and waves on St. Kitts
St. Kitts walking to White House The anchorage of White House Bay in St. Kitts is several miles from town, and I dropped off the rental car at the cruise ship dock and proceeded to walk back - hoping that someone would give me a ride. Unfortunately, nobody did and here I'm at the halfway point and the anchorage is in the distance on the right, behind that one boat anchored outside of the bay.

[17°16'51.55"N 62°40'43.46"W (facing SE)]
St. Kitts walking to White House
St. Kitts walk I dropped off the rental car and ended up walking for several hours in order to get back to the anchorage at White House Bay in St. Kitts. While a couple of cars went by, none of them responded to my signals for a ride so I got a good long walk. White House Bay is around the corner, one can see 3 boats anchored off it.

[17°15'51.81"N 62°39'35.25"W (facing S)]
St. Kitts walk
Chafe aboard The metal pin in this shackle had almost corroded and chafed through before I noticed it. Saltwater is a very corrosive medium.
Chafe aboard
New blue covers The wheel, winch and navigation pod covers have just been made and installed on Zanshin I
New blue covers
Dinghy shackles I had some dyneema high-tech line left over, so I decided to splice a small eye and whip the ends of the remaining piece to use as a dinghy towline. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake, as the line has absolutely no give to it and is also quite slippery (it slipped off the cleats twice).
Dinghy shackles
Talitha Talitha

[17°15'0.61"N 62°39'26.1"W (facing NW)]

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