Sunday, February 06, 2011

As we still had the rental car, we opted for another day of touring. We started by heading south and touring the remainder of the island. We did spot some monkeys, but they are quite shy and I didn't get any pictures but I think that Rob and Lauren might have managed to get one or two so I'll try to borrow them and post them on this page tomorrow. The whole southern portion of the island is part of a huge project that is still in its infancy, but when complete should be quite impressive.

I had read about some hidden petroglyphs on the web, but the directions to them starting from Bloody Point were bloody useless and we continued on to visit Rawlins Plantation for lunch and to see the studio and house of Kate Spencer, whom we had met at White House bay as she and her husband keep their beautiful boat (Kate) there. After viewing her gallery and talking with her for a while we returned to our anchorage, loaded with rocket salad from Kate's garden and had almost made it back when we saw a sign for the Sunset and Shipwreck bars and we sat down to live music and a couple of happy hour libations before returning to our boats shortly before sunset.

White House Bay anchorage White House Bay anchorage

[17°15'0.46"N 62°39'19.49"W (facing W)]
White House Bay anchorage
Sugar oven These structures are dotted around all the sugar-producing Caribbean islands. After the sugar cane was crushed and the sugary sap was removed by presses the remains were burned in these structures.

[17°14'6.14"N 62°38'16.17"W ]
Sugar oven
Salt pond frothing Salt pond frothing

[17°14'54.12"N 62°39'0.49"W (facing S)]
Salt pond frothing
Steep St. Kitts road This road was quite steep and instead of joining me on the drive down, Lauren opted to walk down the hill herself and then rejoin us in the car at the bottom (should we survive). Had the road been wet it would have been impossible to go up it, as it was we needed the weight of all 3 of us to get traction to go up.

[17°15'12.01"N 62°39'20.77"W (facing SW)]
Steep St. Kitts road
Zanshin and Arita Zanshin I and in White House Bay on St. Kitts. We spent a week in this anchorage while waiting for the wind and waves to settle.

[17°15'13.7"N 62°39'18.56"W (facing SW)]
Zanshin and Arita
St. Kitts sugar plantations All of the sugar cane fields on the island are lying fallow after the government took over and nationalized the business. Ostensibly the falling sugar prices and rising production costs caused the downfall of the industry, but erstwhile plantation owners say it was mainly due to mismanagement after the nationalization.

[17°24'50.99"N 62°48'32.58"W (facing SE)]
St. Kitts sugar plantations
St. Kitts village St. Kitts village

[17°24'12.31"N 62°47'22.64"W (facing E)]
St. Kitts village
Sunset Bar, St.Kitts Live music at the beach bar during happy hour on St. Kitts.

[17°16'27.95"N 62°40'35.03"W ]
Sunset Bar, St.Kitts
Monkeys on St. Kitts Ostensibly there are more wild monkey on the island than people. We saw quite a few monkey but certainly saw a lot more people.

[17°15'4.45"N 62°39'16.56"W ]
Monkeys on St. Kitts

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