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Due to the distance we were from Basseterre and the unlikely chance of getting a hitchhiked ride for 3 we took Zanshin I to Basseterre and then motored the dinghy ashore to clear into St. Kitts and rent a car for two days. The clearing in process was much easier than I'd read in my (dated) guide and we only needed to visit one office and drop a form off in another office and we were on our way. The cruise ship terminal is full of stores catering to cruise ship guests (jewellery and gaudy clothing and expensive trinkets) and we departed for Brimstone Hill Fortress by car. The fortress is very impressive and we spent a long time wandering the different sections and taking numerous pictures. After we'd filled up our memory cards we descended the hill (by car) and encountered just two of the island's 20,000 monkeys but hope to see some more later on. We completed our drive around the island and picked up some groceries before Rob and Lauren drove the car to the dinghy dock at White House and I went back to Zanshin I and motored back to the anchorage.

St. Kitts fast food After clearing immigration and customs, Lauren, Rob and I looked for a restaurant but only found upscale touristy places - but the immigration officer had told us about this lady who sold food from the trunk of her car and the meal was delicious.

[17°17'31.52"N 62°43'20.27"W ]
St. Kitts fast food
Brimstone Fortress panorama Brimstone Fortress is an amazing fort and is now a world cultural heritage site, deservedly so. The amazing fortifications high above the waters have to be visited in order to get a true impression of their size.

[17°20'46.73"N 62°50'5.77"W (facing NW)]
Brimstone Fortress panorama
Brimstone Fortress chapel The old chapel at Brimstone Fortress

[17°20'45.98"N 62°50'5.47"W (facing W)]
Brimstone Fortress chapel
Brimstone Fortress Officer's quarters The outside walkway along the Artillery Officer's quarters at Brimstone Fortress on St. Kitts

[17°20'47.05"N 62°50'6.68"W (facing NW)]
Brimstone Fortress Officer's quarters
Brimstone Fortress walls Looking up at the fortifications of Brimstone Fortress from the artillery officers quarters further down the hill.

[17°20'48.12"N 62°50'7.3"W (facing NW)]
Brimstone Fortress walls
Gecko on the wall Gecko on the wall

[17°20'48.13"N 62°50'6.96"W ]
Gecko on the wall
Brimstone Fortress lower battery The sailboat in the distance is dwarfed by one of the lower cannon batteris of Brimstone Fortress on St. Kitts. That battery was one of the few places that we didn't visit on that day.

[17°20'48.55"N 62°50'7.34"W (facing W)]
Brimstone Fortress lower battery
Brimstone Fortress main entrance The main fort at the top of hill of Brimstone Fortress with perhaps the prettiest Caribbean flag flying proudly above it.

[17°20'50.79"N 62°50'9.25"W (facing N)]
Brimstone Fortress main entrance
Statia seen from Brimstone Fortress The distant Dutch island of Statia seen from the top fortifications at Brimstone Fortress on St. Kitts.

[17°20'51.33"N 62°50'9.84"W (facing NW)]
Statia seen from Brimstone Fortress
Brimstone Fortress walls The thick walls of the upper fortifications at Brimstone Fortress on St. Kitts were designed so that all approaches could be covered and that there were no blind spots.

[17°20'51.81"N 62°50'9.64"W (facing E)]
Brimstone Fortress walls
Brimstone Fortress upper cannons The cannons on the uppermost level of Brimstone Fortress on St. Kitts covered all angles of approach, be it from land or sea.

[17°20'52.37"N 62°50'7.63"W (facing NE)]
Brimstone Fortress upper cannons
Limestone Kiln The heavy building work atop the hill needed to be supplied with materials, such as the cement made in this limestone kiln situated about halfway up the hill towards Brimstone Fortress on St. Kitts.

[17°20'56.74"N 62°50'19.18"W (facing S)]
Limestone Kiln
Sugar Cane Railway This old narrow-gauge railway was used to cart the sugar cane from the fields. After the industry recently collapsed (some say due to inefficiencies after the government took over production) the railway remains in use to carry tourists to and from the city.

[17°22'27.07"N 62°51'10.65"W (facing N)]
Sugar Cane Railway
St. Kitts rental Lauren, Rob and I rented this Kia so that we could independantly explore the island of St. Kitts.

[17°22'26.84"N 62°51'10.4"W ]
St. Kitts rental
Sugar cane crushing mill Sugar cane crushing mill

[17°24'54.21"N 62°48'35"W (facing NE)]
Sugar cane crushing mill
Basseterre on St. Kitts Departing this very rolly and uncomfortable anchorage off Basseterre, the capital city of St. Kitts and Nevis. I'm heading to a better protected anchorage at White House Bay.

[17°17'3.65"N 62°42'59.03"W (facing NW)]
Basseterre on St. Kitts

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