Friday, February 04, 2011

A very lazy day. The weather outside is unsettled and the wind sometimes gusts through the anchorage and at other times there is a perfect calm. I spent the morning hours doing a bit of computer work for the previous days and cleaning up, then went for a little snorkel trip around the boat. The first thing I saw after taking picture of the cannon (or something that looks just like one) underneath the boat was a beautiful Spotted eagle ray, the first one I'd ever seen. After swimming around for a bit and coming back to see if the pictures I'd taken of the ray had turned out I looked at the clock on the wall and was surprised to see that is 14:00 already. This is definitely “Island Time” today and a good day of rest and relaxation.

White House Bay anchorage White House Bay anchorage
White House Bay anchorage
Cannon under the keel While snorkeling under Zanshin I at the anchorage in White House Bay in St. Kitts I saw this old cannon and later read that an old wreck had recently been discovered there.

[17°14'59.21"N 62°39'28.95"W ]
Cannon under the keel
Anchor Chain The track of the anchor chain underneath my boat at the anchorage in White house Bay in St. Kitts.

[17°14'59.21"N 62°39'28.95"W ]
Anchor Chain
Spotted eagle Ray Spotted eagle Ray

[17°14'56.4"N 62°39'30.61"W ]
Spotted eagle Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray in St. Kitts Spotted Eagle Ray in St. Kitts

[17°14'56.4"N 62°39'30.61"W ]
Spotted Eagle Ray in St. Kitts
St. Kitts eagle Ray St. Kitts eagle Ray

[17°14'56.4"N 62°39'30.61"W ]
St. Kitts eagle Ray
White House bay fish White House bay fish

[17°14'56.4"N 62°39'30.61"W ]
White House bay fish

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