Sunday, January 30, 2011

As in the night before, the wind died down in the early hours and all the boats were pointed in random directions in the morning. I was quite close to “Symphony II”, a large power yacht that had come in and anchored after me. But on another swing I got close to a mooring ball which had a small boat on it but before I could decide what to do I saw that they had dropped their mooring line and motored in to an empty mooring very close in to shore. I think that I'll leave the anchorage today, either for Île Fourchue or for Gustavia and thence onwards, but that will depend upon getting in touch with Arita and seeing what their plans are.

Somewhere around 10am I was below decks and sitting at the notebook when I caught a transmission for me from Arita on the VHF and responded. They confirmed that they had spent the night at Île Fourchue and I asked them when they'd come by at Colombier and Rob told me to look outside and I searched the far reaches of the anchorages looking for their distinctive boat before I realized that they were anchored within 50 feet of me (no wonder their transmission came through so clearly).

We went ashore and wandered the path along the cliff sides for a while, then relaxed by the beach and the boats for a relaxing day. I had invited myself over for dinner as my propane was out and we ate the steak and hamburgers I had brought, plus finished off a bottle of bubbly, some Bordeaux and finished off the evening with a bottle of Sauternes that I had acquired in St. Martin the week before for that exact purpose. I played a couple of rounds of Dominos for the first time in my life that night, and found that even I could remember the rules.

Sea Dragon Sea Dragon
Sea Dragon
St. Barths mooring maintenance Almost each time I took a mooring at Colombier in St. Barths I saw one of these powerboats checking out the moorings to ensure that they were in proper working order. Here they are attaching a new mooring ball.
St. Barths mooring maintenance
Rocky St. Barths coastline Rocky St. Barths coastline

[17°55'30.9"N 62°52'4.45"W (facing E)]
Rocky St. Barths coastline
Colombier Surf Colombier Surf

[17°55'27.66"N 62°52'3.41"W (facing NE)]
Colombier Surf
Lush vegetation Lush vegetation

[17°55'25.94"N 62°51'58.55"W (facing S)]
Lush vegetation
Rob and Lauren Rob and Lauren

[17°55'26.78"N 62°52'1.47"W (facing SE)]
Rob and Lauren
St. Barths east coast St. Barths east coast
St. Barths east coast
Ticonderoga at St. Barths Ticonderoga at St. Barths

[17°55'21.22"N 62°51'57.15"W (facing E)]
Ticonderoga at St. Barths
St. Barths Eagle Beak Along the trail from Colombier to the road is this rock formation, which looks to me like an eagle's head and beak.
St. Barths Eagle Beak
rock formation on St. Barths rock formation on St. Barths
rock formation on St. Barths
Beach at Colombier Beach at Colombier

[17°55'28.81"N 62°52'5.05"W (facing W)]
Beach at Colombier
Ticonderoga Ticonderoga
Turtles at Colombier The water is so clear and fresh in the Colombier anchorage on St. Barths that the turtles thrive here.
Turtles at Colombier
Ticonderoga of Greenwich Ticonderoga of Greenwich
Ticonderoga of Greenwich
Black cat in St. Barths This stealth-mode catamaran sailed into and around the Anse Colombier anchorage in St. Barths.
Black cat in St. Barths

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