Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is to be my last day in St. Maarten for a while so there was a lot to do in between lazy sessions on deck just doing nothing. After the morning VHF session Mark from Our Life at Sea came by to say hello, then I went to Lagoonies for an extended breakfast but wasn't able to connect to the internet. I talked with an Australian couple on the boat Alexes, a Taswell 56, and offered to help make a Dyneema line in exchange for getting David's assistance with raising my outboard and dinghy aboard the boat in the late afternoon. The deal was consummated and I made up the line as specified; David and Jenny came by early and helped me with the storage work and subsequently went ashore for happy hour drinks. They returned and I had some dinner and then waited for someone to depart the dock in a dinghy in order to bring me back to Zanshin I. After a while I found a ride and returned home, finishing a bit of preparation work in the cockpit and then watched part of a movie before retiring for the night.

Splicing work I did this splice for a fellow cruise on St. Martin
Splicing work
Crew ofAlexes The crew of Alexes at Barnacle's bar in St. Martin. I'd spliced up that line for their boat but can't remember what prompted that pose in the picture.

[18°2'26.23"N 63°5'50.22"W ]
Crew ofAlexes

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