Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We decided to keep the rental car for one more day and use it to get to Grand Case in the evening, where they close off the main street on Tuesday and set up stalls with work from local artisans as well as numerous food purveyors. During the day we did some final purchases and did another drive around the island. I would like to depart on Wednesday and the weather forecast looks a lot better, yet Arita is still awaiting their package and I plan on heading south with them for the first stages of the trip.

While I thought it might be rather early to head to Grand Case, we all drove up at 17:00 and were incredibly lucky and fortunate enough to get a parking space very close to the main drag; although we did have what looked like a power line lying across the back of the car which Rob assured me was only for telephone use but since he's Australian and probably still uses a didgeridoo for distance communication I remained suspicious and stayed away from the cable insofar as possible. We were just in time to see many of the stands in daylight and had a nice meal at one of the outdoor tables before perusing the displayed wares on the street on our saunter back to the car. By the time we left, the city was packed with people and certainly there were no parking spaces to be had within a 2-km circle.

Lagoonies This is the cruiser hangout, "Lagoonies" in St. Martin on the Dutch side of the Simpson Baie lagoon. The red building is hard to miss, it has a big dinghy dock and plentiful drinks.

[18°2'1.15"N 63°5'6.02"W (facing E)]
Got Power? With 900HP on the back I can almost imagine that the force generated when the throttles are floored is enough to rip the engines right off the transom.

[18°2'5.61"N 63°5'9.57"W (facing N)]
Got Power?
Simpson Baie from above View from the top of the hill down onto the Dutch and French sides of Simpson Baie Lagoon in St. Martin.

[18°6'27.41"N 63°1'52.17"W (facing E)]
Simpson Baie from above
Pineapple Pete's St. Martin Pineapple Pete's St. Martin

[18°1'50.12"N 63°5'12.78"W (facing NE)]
Pineapple Pete's St. Martin
Grand Case streets Dieter from Pinta on the main street at Grand Case on the northern part of St. Martin. This town is renowned for its fine restaurants and the artist's street fair.

[18°6'4.83"N 63°3'27.57"W (facing NE)]
Grand Case streets
Sunset past Grand Case Sunset past Grand Case

[18°6'12.25"N 63°3'21.32"W (facing W)]
Sunset past Grand Case
Grand Case music Live music during the street fair in Grand Case on St. Martin. These gentlemen were playing Soca with gusto.

[18°6'13.24"N 63°3'16.53"W ]
Grand Case music
Grand Case lobsters Lobsters in the large glass tank on display outside of a restaurant in Grand Case on St. Martin. The warmwater lobsters have no big claws as their coldwater brethren do but are supposdedly very tasty (I'm not a fan of lobster, so wouldn't know)

[18°6'7.66"N 63°3'25.72"W ]
Grand Case lobsters

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