Monday, January 24, 2011

Originally I had planned on departing for St. Barths along with the crew of Arita, but the weather wasn't optimal for immediate departure today, plus I had a headache and Rob and Lauren were still waiting for 2 packages to arrive so we got a small rental car and drove off towards the French village named “Cul de Sac“ in search of a distillery called Ma Doudou which they had purchased some bottles of. After a bit of looking around and having Rob ask for directions, we did find a gated community with a little sign showing that we were in the right place, plus the secret code for gaining entrance. The store was quaint and the spiced/flavoured rums were tasty indeed. Rob was disappointed that they didn't give tours of the distillery or bottling facilities, but that didn't keep him from purchasing some samples - for medicinal purposes only, of course. After our stop there we had a great lunch with wonderful views of Île Tintamarre in one direction and St. Barths in the other before heading into Philipsburg for some shopping for camera accessories and another stroll through the aisles of Cost-U-Less for boat provisions.

Ma Dou Dou rum "Ma Dou Dou" factory outlet in Cul-de-Sac on St. Martin.

[18°6'16.03"N 63°1'41.71"W (facing E)]
Ma Dou Dou rum
Ma Dou Dou selection "Ma Dou Dou" spiced rum selection in Cul-de-Sac on St. Martin.

[18°6'15.95"N 63°1'41.62"W ]
Ma Dou Dou selection
St. Barths seen from St. Martin St. Barths seen from St. Martin

[18°5'4.31"N 63°1'32.45"W (facing SE)]
St. Barths seen from St. Martin
Salad in St. Martin Salad in St. Martin
Salad in St. Martin
Young Bartender Young Bartender

[18°2'26.31"N 63°5'50.32"W ]
Young Bartender
Barnacles Owners Barnacles Owners

[18°2'26.31"N 63°5'50.32"W ]
Barnacles Owners

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