Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is going to be a good storage day, I can feel it; particularly after my second cup of strong coffee and the caffeine coursing through my veins is prodding me to get into action instead of sitting at the navigation station and typing on my notebook's keyboard. I have a spider's web of lines hanging from the genoa to the mast and spreaders to dry and as it didn't rain overnight I think I can take them down and stow them now; then I can store the Peli cases and from that point onwards the decks will look seaworthy and that, in turn, will give me the requisite incentive to complete the storage work below. I will need to hop in to the stores on Monday to return incorrect parts and I think I'll use that same trip to clear out of St. Martin and set my sights on St. Barths; the trip is short enough and the waves/wind calm enough that I won't need to haul the dinghy on deck and will just tow it behind me.

I had heard from Rob and Lauren that there was a French boat next to them who had had their dinghy stolen somewhere down-island and since I still have the second backup dinghy, which is in need of some repair, I thought that I could unload it on them and managed to get it out of the sail locker and onto the dinghy. Once my Windows Backup finishes (it has been running 2 hours already!) I'll pack up the notebook so that I can do my e-mails ashore and dinghy on over to them to see if they can use the dinghy.

I waited almost another hour and the backup was still running, so I headed over to the Marina, dropped off the dinghy for their perusal and headed back via Arita, where we decided to attempt scaling the heights of the Witch's Teat without use of native Rasta-sherpas, supplemental oxygen and no bivouac station at the halfway point. We did don protective footwear and tied the dinghy to shore as our base camp before trekking up the hill.

Old lines Cleaned and coiled old lines prior to be stored below as backups for use when needed.
Old lines
Goodbye spare dinghy I had heard on the grapevine that some French sailors were looking for a new inflatable dinghy and I hadn't used my spare since I got Zanshin I so I put it into the real dinghy and motored over to their location on the French side. We agreed that they'd check it out and I'd come back the next day to see if they wanted it for a fee. I completely forgot about the episode until a week later, by which time I was in St. Kitts and Nevis.
Goodbye spare dinghy
Marigot condos Condos on the French side of lagoon in St. Martin, close to the inner marina at Marigot.

[18°3'50.11"N 63°5'16.04"W (facing E)]
Marigot condos
Rob climbing on St. Martin Rob at the top of the Witches Tit on St. Martin.
Rob climbing on St. Martin
Climbing in St. Martin Here we've almost made it to the summit of the "Witches Tit" in St. Martin. This rocky outcropping marks the line of the border between the French and Dutch sides of the island.

[18°2'57.8"N 63°5'41.27"W (facing N)]
Climbing in St. Martin
Witches Tit view Lauren, Rob and I at the top of the Witches Teat on St. Martin. Those little round pellets are presents left by the hill's goats.

[18°2'58.52"N 63°5'41.09"W (facing S)]
Witches Tit view
Anguilla on the horizon Anguilla on the horizon

[18°2'58.41"N 63°5'41.15"W (facing N)]
Anguilla on the horizon
Simpson Baie Lagoon Simpson Baie Lagoon

[18°2'58.33"N 63°5'41.12"W (facing SE)]
Simpson Baie Lagoon
Jumbo jet on final approach Jumbo jet on final approach

[18°2'58.33"N 63°5'41.22"W (facing SW)]
Jumbo jet on final approach
747 touching down 747 touching down

[18°2'58.36"N 63°5'40.95"W ]
747 touching down
747 jet turning around 747 jet turning around

[18°2'58.36"N 63°5'40.95"W (facing SW)]
747 jet turning around
Looking down on Marigot Looking down on Marigot

[18°2'58.52"N 63°5'40.05"W (facing SW)]
Looking down on Marigot
Hills of St. Martin Hills of St. Martin

[18°2'59.19"N 63°5'40.44"W (facing NE)]
Hills of St. Martin
Steel sailboat hulk Steel sailboat hulk

[18°3'1.47"N 63°5'41.14"W (facing NW)]
Steel sailboat hulk
Lauren behind the camera She's catching me while I'm catching here while up at the top of the Witches Tit in the lagoon on St. Martin.

[18°2'58.21"N 63°5'41.06"W ]
Lauren behind the camera
Lauren and Rob from Arita Lauren and Rob from Arita

[18°2'58.21"N 63°5'41.06"W ]
Lauren and Rob from Arita
Cliffside at the witch Cliffside at the witch

[18°2'58.21"N 63°5'41.06"W ]
Cliffside at the witch
Climbing the Witch Climbing the Witch

[18°2'58.21"N 63°5'41.06"W ]
Climbing the Witch

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