Saturday, January 22, 2011

The day started with an 07:30 coffee and listening in to the radio network on VHF. Looking around the main cabin I'm not sure that I can get ready to leave in the immediate future, but I'm going to do my best to get ready for departure as it is time to leave for anchorages more blue. Apart from a morning trip ashore to pay for the canvas work (Quantum Sails did my 4 winch covers, 2 wheel covers and that for the NavPod and chart plotter) and then to the French side to pick up my laundry, get a croissant and coffee at La Sucrière and fill up the dinghy gas tank I was aboard all afternoon, alternating between doing inventory/repacking into the Peli cases and working topsides cleaning the old lines so that I can store them for future use. Although it doesn't seem as if I've made much progress in the cabin I know that I've made significant progress towards completing storing and cataloguing everything.

In the late afternoon I went topside and saw a very strange looking large yacht, which turned out to be the Ocean Emerald, heading towards the bridge on the Dutch side for the 04:30 opening. I used that as a welcome excuse to get off the boat and dinghied over to the C&I dock at the bridge in order to get some pictures of this odd looking mega yacht transiting from the Lagoon to the outside world. I'm still not sure what to make of the yacht - while the curves and splines are elegant I don't know if I'm pleased or disgusted by the yacht's form.

After the welcome diversion of the bridge opening I returned to cleaning and drying the old lines and storing my “stuff”. I fired up the barbie for a grilled early dinner and tried to watch one of the many movies that I had on my disk drive but wasn't interested enough to watch it to completion and finished reading the book I was reading; the next one will be a book I've been loaned titled “Pirates Aboard!” which goes over case studies of pirating and theft on cruising yachts.

Ocean Emerald in St. Martin Ocean Emerald in St. Martin

[18°2'31.94"N 63°5'29.66"W (facing SE)]
Ocean Emerald in St. Martin
Dutch bridge opening The Dutch drawbridge to the Simpson Baie Lagoon opens 4 times a day to allow boats in and out of the lagoon. The bridge on the French side opens less often and only smaller boats with shallower draft can go through the French side.

[18°2'9.39"N 63°5'40.08"W (facing E)]
Dutch bridge opening
Ocean Emerald exiting Lagoon Not much room to make it out (not that I would have shed a tear if she'd touched side as I really think that the shape is ... odd... )

[18°2'9.07"N 63°5'40.17"W (facing SE)]
Ocean Emerald exiting Lagoon
Ocean Emerald aft section This large oddly shaped vessel is a megayacht timeshare and I saw it in several location around the windward islands.
Ocean Emerald aft section
Packing up Zanshin I Here I'm working at separating my private things from those that belong to the boat in preparation of putting Zanshin I up for sale.
Packing up Zanshin I
New traveller It took a long time to get this line spliced, it just didn't want to "swallow" the splice.
New traveller

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