Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unpacking those cases is like a delayed Christmas, I keep on finding things that I'd forgotten I even had and my main salon is knee-deep in stuff from the shipment. So far I've put in the spliced genoa traveller lines, the ones for the mainsail are, unfortunately, too short despite being all prepared with eye-splices and whipping. Perhaps it will fit on the Jeanneau 43DS which has a smaller traveller as it would be a shame to let them go to waste.

It looks like I can get out of here in the next couple of days as all I need to do is wait for the canvas work to be completed and (of course) for me to stow all the new gear.

New Docklines on Zanshin I These braided docklines look nice a spiffy, but do tend to snag on the wooden docks.
New Docklines on Zanshin I
Peli Cases Peli cases on the deck of Zanshin I as I try to figure out where to store them. The biggest case won't fit into the sail locker.
Peli Cases
Logo applied to boom I'd had the lettering aboard for over a year before I decided to affix it to both sides of the boom. Unfortunately, just as I was attaching it to the other side othe boom a boat with a big wake came by and the name was on a bit crooked.
Logo applied to boom
Zanshin I cockpit Zanshin I cockpit
Zanshin I cockpit

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