Monday, January 17, 2011

I dinghied over to the French side for a breakfast at La Sucrière and to connect to the internet this morning and it does look like my cargo vessel has arrived and my cases should be ready for pickup in the next two days; a day after that I'll finally be able to depart. I don't have any news about the generator, but I don't really miss that while I'm alone as the wind generator takes care of my power and I run the engine for an hour every two days to get hot water and charge the batteries with another 50-60 amp hours. I really should install my LED anchor light as that will cut down on my energy use significantly.

The weather is cloudy and windy with occasional threats of passing showers and I cannot get myself into gear to do anything productive. I'm postponing heading upwind to the stores to get an oil filter so that I can complete the oil change as I don't want to get wet and somehow I have so much small stuff to complete below decks that I don't know where to start and the net result is that I turned on the notebook in order to write some blog entries.

I headed off to Island Waterworld and Budget marine to purchase oil filters and visited Quantum (who had come by in the afternoon to measure the winches/wheels for making covers) to accept their offer under the provision that the work would be finished during the week and returned to the boat in time to get ready for a shot of the big Air France airbus A360 taking off with Zanshin I in the picture.

Shiny WMF cutlery Shiny and cleaned new cutlery set from WMF - which replaced the prior rusted flatware from Tesco's
Shiny WMF cutlery
Zwilling knife rack My sharpened knives in their secured magnetic rack on Zanshin I
Zwilling knife rack
Aragorn's Pelican The hammered brass pelican from Aragorn's studio in the BVI in it's proud position on the forward bulkhead (I didn't use nails, but those nifty removable patches and they worked like a charm)
Aragorn's Pelican
Zanshin I and Airbus After many days of waiting for the right picture I finally got one. The problem was getting the dinghy positioned so that I could get the jet and Zanshin I in the same frame; since the wind would push me away or turn the dinghy at just the wrong moment most of the time.

[18°2'32.27"N 63°5'37.58"W (facing W)]
Zanshin I and Airbus
Airbus in the spreaders Each day the Air France Airbus heading to Paris would roar its way over my boat. Here the jet is just raising the landing gear.

[18°2'31.46"N 63°5'37.66"W (facing W)]
Airbus in the spreaders
Airbus heading for France Airbus heading for France

[18°2'35.13"N 63°5'39.13"W (facing SE)]
Airbus heading for France
Ilona at Barnacles Ilona at Barnacles

[18°2'26.31"N 63°5'50.32"W ]
Ilona at Barnacles
Barnacles Barnacles

[18°2'26.31"N 63°5'50.32"W ]

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