Sunday, January 16, 2011

Since the stores are closed on Sunday I remained aboard in order to do some work and didn't leave the boat until late. First I did some splicing and then cleaned up stores aboard. Around noon I headed off to the French side in order to climb the hill I've been told is called the “Witch's Teat” that is at a headland between the two sides of the lagoon. Rob and Lauren were busy doing maintenance on their boat so I went by myself. The terrain low down on the hill was scrub and wild grass with basketball-sized rocks hidden beneath the grass, making walking (particularly with my sandals) difficult. Once in the woods the undergrowth cleared out and the trip up the hill wasn't too difficult until I got to the rocky portion. I might have made it to the top had I worn real shoes and long pants, but the only way I found to scale the last 5 vertical meters was peppered with thorns and vertical so I decided to try that on another trip.
After the climb I visited with Heinz-Dieter and did some more work aboard the boat until the Air France airbus was scheduled to takeoff so that I could get some pictures. After the photos I went and worked on the boat a bit until 7pm when Heinz-Dieter came over and we dinghied over to Jimbo's restaurant for some Mexican dinner.

Splicework I can't recall what I spliced this line for. Doing this type of splicing and whipping is therapeutic for me, I enjoy doing it while have a cold one during the dusk hours - sitting on the back of the boat and soaking up the last ray and heat of the day.
Protected plant Protected plant
[18°2'59.02"N 63°5'41.2"W ]
Protected plant
Gap in the trees Gap in the trees
[18°2'59"N 63°5'40.74"W (facing SE)]
Gap in the trees
Marigot and Anguilla Seen from up on the Witches Tit, Marigot in the foreground and the island of Anguilla in the distance.
[18°2'59.11"N 63°5'41.17"W (facing N)]
Marigot and Anguilla
St. Martin airport view St. Martin airport view
[18°2'58.45"N 63°5'41.39"W (facing SW)]
St. Martin airport view
Dog Shit Island This name is unofficial and earned due it's use by sailors and liveaboards who have dogs and cats.
Dog Shit Island
Simpson Baie from the Witch Simpson Baie from the Witch
[18°2'58.97"N 63°5'41"W (facing N)]
Simpson Baie from the Witch
Takeoff over Zanshin I Takeoff over Zanshin I
Takeoff over Zanshin I
Simpson Baie from the Witch Simpson Baie from the Witch
[18°2'58.97"N 63°5'41"W (facing N)]
Simpson Baie from the Witch
Air France takeoff I tried to get a good picture of the Air France airbus taking off from St. Martin almost every day. But, as might be expected, the flight rarely took off on time and I had usually given up on sunlight and just stowed the camera when it blasted over me.
[18°2'33.59"N 63°5'37.89"W (facing W)]
Air France takeoff
Air France heading home What the picture doesn't show is the tremendous roar of the 4 big jets pushing the heavily laden airbus up into the air.
[18°2'31.31"N 63°5'38.82"W (facing SE)]
Air France heading home
Powerboat in St. Martin The sleek (probably Italian) powerboat snuck right in front of me as I was in the dinghy and preparing to get a shot of the big Air France Airbus taking off. They got a view of the plane, I got one of their silhouette.
Powerboat in St. Martin

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