Saturday, January 15, 2011

I woke up at 06:30 refreshed, having had an early dinner of ribs ashore at “Barnacles” and then gone to sleep rather early as well. Today is going to be fuel filter changing day, as I have a Racor filter with manometer from Island Waterworld that I'd like to install while I have easy access to parts should I need fittings or other stuff during the exchange. After the fuel I plan on changing the engine oil and, if I have any time and energy left, I'll attack the cockpit reading light project.

I procrastinated starting the work projects by visiting Lauren and Rob on Arita, but after the visit I couldn't find any reason not to start. After 3 separate trips to Island Waterworld for different fittings and parts, I finally had everything together for the Racor filter replacement and proceeded to cover the aft cabins with a liberal dose of diesel in the process. Despite the mess and false starts, I did get the job done and now have a nifty pressure meter on the filter telling me when it is time to switch filters, plus the Racor has a clear glass at the bottom which shows how much gunk and water is in the filter (plus it allows me to drain it out, if necessary).

Slipstream Slipstream
Megayachts all in a row Megayachts all in a row

[18°2'10.31"N 63°5'18.19"W (facing W)]
Megayachts all in a row
Racor filter installed I installed this Racor fuel filter on Zanshin I to replace the original filter which was in the same location.
Racor filter installed
St. Martin takeoff St. Martin takeoff
St. Martin takeoff

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