Friday, January 14, 2011

Another day of heavy winds and uncomfortable sailing conditions. I decided that I'd get the postponed chores done, including continuing with my inventory and cleaning the bilges of salt water and remnants of diesel. I returned the car at 10:30am and worked below decks on the boat. Right now I've got all the floorboards up and am letting the bilges air-dry. I know that if I go anywhere in the dinghy it will be a wet ride in at least one direction, so for the moment I'm happy to remain aboard and do my chores.

French side anchoring The border between the Dutch and the French sides is easily seen by the line of anchored boats. they are all on the French side, as it is much cheaper to stay there.

[18°2'36.75"N 63°5'42.29"W (facing N)]
French side anchoring
Aragorn's Pelican I'd lusted over this handmade beaten copper pelican made by Aragorn for several seasons but the price tag always kept me away, but I finally decided to purchase it for the forward bulkhead and haven't regretted it.
Aragorn's Pelican
Airing the bilges As part of general maintenance I would clean the bilges and then let them air-dry
Airing the bilges

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