Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things are looking up today. I turned on the inverter/charger this morning and instead of a blinking panel of lights I got that magical blue light that meant I could go ahead and turn on the espresso machine! After that first coffee things looked a lot better on the boat and I headed ashore to get breakfast - which entailed renting a car and heading to my favourite morning stop at La Sucrière in Marigot. I did my internet then proceeded on a leisurely drive around the island in a clockwise direction. After Marigot I went to Grand Case to visit the wine store “Bacchus” and picked up some more capsules for the coffee, some Rioja for the steaks I wanted to put on the barbie and some bubbly for when I got visitors aboard the boat. From there I drove past Orient Baie and Oyster Pond and went to the freight company to see if they could shed some light on the whereabouts of my errant cases but they didn't know and would send me an e-mail with their findings either later today or tomorrow. From there I got a disk drive in Philipsburg to store all those movies, thence to Cost-U-Less for some liquid ship's stores, then to Quantum sails to see if they would make some winch covers for me. Finally I went to Island Waterworld to see if my VHF battery had arrived (it hadn't) and then back to the boat. By that time it was past 4pm and I'd just dinghied over to Heinz-Dieter regarding what we'd do for happy hour and dinner when Rob and Lauren came by and invited us over for happy 'arr drinks and that, as they say, was all she wrote. It is now just before 10pm and dinner ashore is out of the question so I'll just cook something aboard the boat tonight - perhaps some magical instant Ramen.

St. Martin Cupecoy development St. Martin Cupecoy development

[18°3'15.14"N 63°8'5.42"W (facing SW)]
St. Martin Cupecoy development
Air Lekkerbek Air Lekkerbek

[18°1'47.18"N 63°3'18.71"W (facing E)]
Air Lekkerbek

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