Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another wonderful day in paradise. I watched another movie from the disk for breakfast, this one based on a computer game and called Hitman and then headed over to anchor off Leverick Bay so that I could engage Michael to help me get the outboard and dinghy aboard, as my back hurt somewhat. Together it took us about an hour to complete the task and then I went over to Michael's boat with my multimeter to see if we could get his diesel started. Even though all the batteries were charged up quite high the starter only barely managed to turn over the engine and it wouldn't start. Michael said that he'd had electric issues and someone had run a + cable straight from the battery to the starter so I measured resistance and connectivity but every seemed to be in order. We were about to remove the cable from the starter when I touched the negative pole and noticed that the screw-on butterfly bolt was loose, so we took that off, sandpapered the terminal and 2 cable and tightened it down and -presto- the engine fired right up immediately!
I'm back on the boat right now and will finish making her ready for a rough passage and then will most likely try to flag down a dinghy and head ashore, hoping to get a ride back later on tonight.

Ethereal aft transom Ethereal aft transom
Ethereal aft transom
Ethereal docked at Leverick Ethereal docked at Leverick
Ethereal docked at Leverick
Zanshin I in the distance Zanshin I in the distance
Zanshin I in the distance
Dinghy on deck In preparation of my passage to St. Martin I've got the dinghy on the deck and will be departing sometime the following night so that I arrive in time clear customs and go ashore.
Dinghy on deck
Ethereal yacht The megayacht Ethereal dwarfs all of the other ships at Leverick Bay in the BVI North Sound.
Ethereal yacht
Virgin Gorda's North Sound A panoramic view of the North Sound of Virgin Gorda in the BVI. The Bitter End Yacht Club is visible straight ahead in the distance and Leverick Bay is off the picture to the right.

[18°30'17.58"N 64°23'13.99"W (facing SE)]
Virgin Gorda's North Sound
Leverick Bay sunset Leverick Bay sunset
Leverick Bay sunset

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