Friday, January 7, 2011

The winds and waves settled overnight and the stay at the Leverick Bay dock was very pleasant (they'd also relocated me in the lee of the two mega yachts which helped calm things down). I woke early and started doing some of the chores that I'd postponed over the days of dinghy diving and by 9am I was ready to depart, but I'd loaned my dinghy to Michael and he was far away on his anchored boat. When he arrived I donated my old 9.8HP Tohatsu to his Haïtian relief cause with the understanding that he'd use it until the season was over and he headed downwind again. He wanted to see if the engine could be mounted to his old rowing dinghy and I transferred to the fuel dock, filled up the tank and waited for him to return. He, in turn, was aboard his boat waiting for me to show up. I lost patience first and motored to him and we did a test flight with his new engine (yes, it literally FLEW around the anchorage). I needed to go to BVI Yacht Sales in order to pick up the originals of the shipping papers and made it there by 4pm, then motor sailed to Trellis Bay and made it there just at sunset, snagging a free mooring ball and now I'm about to shower, shave and then head in to the Last Resort for dinner and hope that the kitchen is as good as it was last visit.

Leverick Bay Resort The beachfront at the Leverick Bay Resort on Virgin Gorda in the BVI is small, but protected in the North Sound and only a few feet away from a pool, bar and restaurant.

[18°29'50.86"N 64°23'8.26"W (facing SW)]
Leverick Bay Resort
Leverick Bay docks Leverick Bay docks

[18°29'50.76"N 64°23'9.13"W (facing N)]
Leverick Bay docks
Mangele yacht Michael Beans' steel schooner anchored close to his evening show venue at Leverick Bay in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda

[18°30'0.43"N 64°23'21.18"W (facing SW)]
Mangele yacht
Cruise ship and sailboat Cruise ship and sailboat
Cruise ship and sailboat
Hodge's Creek Villa Nobody I spoke with could tell me what the actual purpose or ownership of this sprawling mansion atop the bluffs at Hodge's Creek in the BVI is.

[18°25'7.93"N 64°33'19.77"W (facing N)]
Hodge's Creek Villa
Zanshin I boom Zanshin I boom
Zanshin I boom
The Last Resort, BVI This restaurant and bar is run by British Expats and is on a small rocky island in the middle of Trellis Bay on Beef Island in the BVI. The ribs and steak are excellent, as is the live entertainment when the singing chef takes off his hat and puts on the guitar!

[18°26'53.91"N 64°31'57.87"W (facing NE)]
The Last Resort, BVI

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