Thursday, January 6, 2011

After taking care of laundry in the morning, Michael, Rob and myself headed out to Prickly armed with 3 tanks and a plan. We returned in the late afternoon with 3 empty tanks and without having sighted a dinghy. I did find a plastic beach chair but failed to bring it aboard. Michael has, finally, given up on finding and restoring his dinghy and outboard engine. After having a post-dive lunch (with fantastic Chicken roti and hamburgers) at the Sand Box we returned to Leverick. Rob and Lauren are departing for St. Martin tomorrow morning before sunrise but I will be following in their wake a day later as I still have to make it to Nanny Cay in order to get some paperwork from the boat sales office there.
The happy 'Arrrr show was fun and well visited with a vocal crowd and afterwards I made a bite to eat and called it an early night (after taking some pictures from the docks with my camera & tripod).

Wind Spirit off Prickly Pear The Wind Spirit cruise ship doing a round of honour in the BVI Virgin Gorda North Sound while a lot of her guests are on the beach in the "Sand Box", which is usually closed for business when no cruise ship is around.

[18°30'16.99"N 64°22'17.91"W (facing SE)]
Wind Spirit off Prickly Pear
Wind Spirit in the BVI Wind Spirit in the BVI
Wind Spirit in the BVI
Te Manu at night Te Manu at night

[18°29'53.82"N 64°23'9.81"W (facing SE)]
Te Manu at night
Leverick Docks Leverick Docks

[18°29'53.7"N 64°23'9.75"W (facing SE)]
Leverick Docks
Ethereal at night Ethereal at night

[18°29'53.84"N 64°23'9.83"W (facing NE)]
Ethereal at night
Ethereal lit up at night Ethereal lit up at night

[18°29'54.01"N 64°23'9.66"W (facing NE)]
Ethereal lit up at night
Leverick Bay at night Leverick Bay at night

[18°29'53.81"N 64°23'9.84"W (facing S)]
Leverick Bay at night
Zanshin I at Leverick Zanshin I at Leverick
Zanshin I at Leverick
Diving for Dinghies I'm finally getting to use my NITROX certification while diving in a mere 30-40 feet of water off Prickly Pear island in the North Sound. Michael Beans had sunk his aluminium dinghy in this mooring field and we spent 3 unsuccessful days looking for it.
Diving for Dinghies

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