Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We repeated the procedure from the day before, this time Lauren joined Rob and I and we headed to Leverick Bay via a roundabout route so that we could photograph some of the beautiful ships in the North Sound. When we arrived at Leverick Michael had just dropped off Pamela on the ferry back to Beef Island and ultimately in Colorado (brrr...). Michael had 2 tanks and used up both of them, I snorkeled around the shallower parts of the anchorage and none of us found the dinghy, pickings were so slim that Michael only brought up a rather ratty and abused snorkel from the depths. I would never have guess that it would take so long to locate a sunken dinghy in a mere 40 feet of water in a known location! After the air was exhausted and Michael warmed up through a hot shower, Rob came up with a plan for the next day - we would attach a rope of 60 to 80 feet to the mooring and swim a half-circle around the moorings we think might have been used; that should let us find, or hook, the errant dinghy.

I opted to spend the night at the dock in Leverick as I wanted to get water and fuel, eat a fine dinner ashore, and do my laundry the next day so I am writing these lines from the comfort of the dock and with a stomach full of a fine rack of lamb meal served at the restaurant. I did get 3 tanks of air for tomorrow and we should, finally, have some luck in locating the dinghy; but our work really starts then as I think that recovering the dinghy is going to be a daunting task.

Eros in the North Sound Eros in the North Sound

[18°29'41.61"N 64°21'40.37"W (facing NW)]
Eros in the North Sound
Zenyatta Zenyatta
Lauren and Rob on my boat We decided to take a tour around the North Sound to get pictures of some of the breathtaking beautiful (and expensive) yachts anchored there before continuing on to pick up Michael Beans and see if we could dive and locate his sunken dinghy.

[18°29'47.21"N 64°21'42.38"W (facing E)]
Lauren and Rob on my boat
Latitude Yacht Latitude Yacht
Latitude Yacht
Lots of lines Lots of lines
Lots of lines
Tres Dinghies Towing 3 dinghies enroute to the resting place of Michael Beans' sunken dinghy.

[18°30'4.68"N 64°22'45.72"W ]
Tres Dinghies

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