Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I weighed anchor at about 08:30 and Rob joined me for the short motor over to Leverick Bay, where we picked up Michael and Pamela, already attired in their wet-suits, and got a tank of air and proceeded across to the mooring field on Prickly Pear. We picked up the mooring that Michael thought was the correct one, as it was beside his marker buoy. He then dove on his marker in order to tie a sturdier line on it but it turns out that the buoy was no longer attached to anything and was being held in place by the weight of the line; it had been drifting around the field for a day and no longer marked anything. The light wasn't great and the current made for murky conditions so Michael spent a good time looking for the dinghy with no luck. We then took another mooring, one that Michael and Rob were certain was the correct one, and Michael dove again. After a total of an hour bottom time (30-40 feet) he was back on the boat with no dinghy, but some assorted pirate treasure from the bottom.

As he was low on air we decided to call it a day and return the next day with two tanks and that I'd dive as well.

Michael Beans diving All he found while diving for his lost dinghy were some towels and beachwear. After 3 days of diving for his dinghy in a very small and circumscribed area we gave up.

[18°30'8.4"N 64°22'9.74"W ]
Michael Beans diving
Salvage marker Michael Beans used a spare liferaft from his boat to mark the location of his sunken dinghy. Unfortunately, although his knotwork was good, he hadn't attached it to a part that was, in turn, attached to his dinghy.

[18°30'10.07"N 64°22'10.53"W ]
Salvage marker
Diving Gear Diving Gear
Diving Gear
Rob assisting diving Rob assisting while Michael Beans is diving off the back of Zanshin I looking for his sunken dinghy. We dove for 3 days and had no luck, despite knowing roughly where the dinghy sank!
Rob assisting diving
Pelican and Zanshin I Pelican and Zanshin I
Pelican and Zanshin I
Flamingo Photographer Lauren of Arita had a professional long lens with which she was capturing stunning photos of two pink flamingoes in a mangrove brackish water pond on Prickly Pear Island in the BVI. I tried with my normal lens but only got fuzyy pink spots about 5 pixels wide.

[18°30'10.35"N 64°21'59.93"W (facing NE)]
Flamingo Photographer
Mangrove roots Mangrove roots

[18°30'11.13"N 64°21'54.49"W ]
Mangrove roots
Leverick Bay Bar Leverick Bay Bar

[18°29'50.88"N 64°23'10.44"W (facing W)]
Leverick Bay Bar

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