Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another lazy vacation day in the Caribbean. I debated changing the main engine oil, but lost the argument with myself and ended up doing a lot of very little (so far).
I did go ashore and felt vaguely violated when I paid US$16 for a loaf of bread, 12 eggs and a six-pack of Coca-Cola at the BEYC, but as it is a resort and the shop is not a supermarket I shouldn't (but will) complain. I usually can't stomach the ultra-sweet taste of Coke, but I've gotten into the habit of rewarding myself for a successful anchoring or mooring with a glass of it; usually I'm on the hook far too early for an alcoholic reward.

Neil Young had it right with his album Rust never sleeps back in the 70's. I decided to get the guest room and bathroom ready and attacked the stainless fixtures with Nevr-Dull again. Then I lounged around the cockpit a bit to cool down, worked sweat while cleaning, went swimming around the boat, rested in the cockpit and polished what I'd cleaned. I'm acclimated now and am working on island time!

Paddleboard amongst the yachts Paddleboard amongst the yachts

[18°29'55.49"N 64°21'28.2"W (facing NW)]
Paddleboard amongst the yachts
Paddleboarding the North Sound Paddleboarding the North Sound

[18°29'55.49"N 64°21'28.36"W (facing W)]
Paddleboarding the North Sound
Pelican scanning for food While keeping a wary eye on me, this pelican was patiently waiting on the dock at the Bitter End Yacht Club for his fish to swim by, which it eventually did.

[18°29'58.57"N 64°21'28.84"W ]
Pelican scanning for food
North Sound watersports On days like today I was sorely tempted to go and see if I could rent one of these Hobie cats or try out windsurfing as it looks like so much fun!

[18°29'59.4"N 64°21'28.97"W (facing W)]
North Sound watersports
Reception area at the BEYC The reception building at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda in the BVI

[18°29'59.53"N 64°21'28.78"W (facing E)]
Reception area at the BEYC
Fortuna Yacht Fortuna Yacht
Fortuna Yacht
North sound sunset North sound sunset
North sound sunset
Happy Hour libation A wonderfully cool happy hour libation on Zanshin I off Prickly Pear island in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. This is my favorite BVI location and also time of day.
Happy Hour libation
Jemma at Saba Rock Jemma, one of the friendly bartenders at Saba Rock restaurant and bar in the BVI.
Jemma at Saba Rock
Happy Saba Rock guest Happy Saba Rock guest
Happy Saba Rock guest
Aquarium at Saba Rock Aquarium at Saba Rock
Aquarium at Saba Rock
Bitter end at night The docks and shoreline at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda in the BVI seen from the Saba Rock restaurant and bar.
Bitter end at night

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