Monday, December 27, 2010

While I was still feeling comfortable at anchor in the North Sound the little voice in my head said “You are on a sailboat - go sail!” so I heeded the call and got the boat ready. After leaving the channel to the North Sound I saw what looked like half the Sunsail and Moorings boats head north to Anegada so I opted to steer elsewhere. I set off for Jost van Dyke in light winds and then started to think about where I really wanted to go. I had Trellis on my list, as I wanted to get Aragorn's sculpture of a diving pelican for my main cabin forward bulkhead, but didn't know if I wanted to do that today. In the end I thought I'd go to Diamond Cay again and then head ashore for some food at Foxy's Taboo. The trip was leisurely and I found the time and energy to do some splicing for my dinghy towline and when I finally arrived at my destination I was ready for a swim and some dinner. The swim was easy to arrange, but when I headed around the promontory from my anchorage to Foxy's Taboo the restaurant was strangely dark, with just a couple of lights turned on in the veranda. Oh well, I went back to the boat and made a makeshift dinner from my leftover and some Paul Newman's spaghetti sauce which, while not really tasty, was filling. So filling in fact, that I couldn't stay awake to watch the film “Avatar” to completion despite my being impressed with it.

Pelican guarding the dinghy This pelican was trying, without much luck, to catch fish off my dinghy.
Pelican guarding the dinghy
Four Aces Megayacht Four Aces Megayacht
Four Aces Megayacht
Ethereal Megayacht Ethereal Megayacht
Ethereal Megayacht
Splicing on Zanshin I Doing some splicing work in the cockpit while under way on a passage. This can be a great way to pass the time, but only when the seas aren't too heavy.
Splicing on Zanshin I

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