Sunday, December 26, 2010

Although it was tempting to stow everything away and head off and sail today, it is now just shy of 11:00 and I've attacked the task of the other lazarette locker and, of course, it is more effort than I thought. Removing the contents was easier than yesterday, since it consists mainly of empty diesel canisters, but it was also dirtier and the wooden partitions had separated and now need to be reattached Naturally the access on this side is no better, since the autopilot arm and associated cabling is located here. I might have to dispense with the aft step LED lights after all unless I drill through the engine room air suction hose and seal it up so that it is waterproof but I'm loathe to put more holes in the structure between myself and the sea. I'm writing this while taking a breather and will attack the project once again after I've cooled off a bit from the heat of that enclosed lazarette locker. Perhaps a better solution will present itself.

There were two girls using BEYC paddle boards that drifted by the boat next to mine and looked exhausted. The winds had picked up quite a bit and there were even little mare's tails in the sound so I took the dinghy over to them and asked them if I could pull them back upwind. They thanked me and asked if I could radio the BEYC launch to pick them up and they would wait until then. I went back and radioed in their request and then watched them go downwind rather quickly. Now they were in the open in the North Sound and falling over rather often so I called in again - it seems that the winds had caused problems with their Hobie Cats and lasers as well so I got a long line and motored the dinghy over to them again. I had just reached them and told them to come aboard and leave the boards (they looked quite tired by this time) and then a big mega yacht tender arrived and, seconds later, the BEYC rescue launch so they were well taken care. Getting back to my boat against the wind and waves took appreciably longer and I got a wild ride.

I did find an alternative, but now I will just put 2 LEDs on each side of the step. It is 14:45 now and I've managed to put in exactly one LED light, and now I will have to remove all of the contents of the other lazarette locker again in order to put the second one in! And nothing is wired yet, either. That beer at happy hour is going to taste very good as I've been contorting in the locker all day and also neglected to wear a hat, so I already have a sunburn on the top of my head despite the cloud cover today. 16:00 and I finished the other side as well, having removed everything, drilled the hole and crimped the connections and finally put everything back in the locker (somehow, it took more space this time around but everything managed to barely fit).

Zanshin I Lazarette The contents of the Lazarette on the port side removed so that I could pull a wire through to the back and install LED lighting at the back of the boat.
Zanshin I Lazarette
Paddleboarding in the wind These ladies were somewhat overpowered by the strong wind and got exhausted. They only travelled downwind and asked me to call in to the Bitter End Yacht Club rescue boat for a ride home when I dinghied over to them to ask if they needed assistance.
Paddleboarding in the wind
Paddleboarders drifting These two ladies kept on being pushed downwind in this windy day and finally I dinghied over to them in order to give them a lift, but a much large boat arrived at the same time as I did and gave them a ride instead.
Paddleboarders drifting
Wiring LED lights Here I'm wiring up the 2 blue LED lights on the aft section of Zanshin I. What at first seemed like an easy and quick task took a lot more effort - including moving the complete contents of both aft Lazarette lockers out onto deck in order to get access.
Wiring LED lights
North Sound windsurfer When the wind picks up to speeds above average, the kitesurfers come out of their lairs and zip around the windward and leeward sides of Saba Rock

[18°30'8.49"N 64°21'56.2"W (facing SW)]
North Sound windsurfer
Going upwind with a kite While doing aerobatics and zipping across the wind with a kite is a blast, it seems that going upwind is a bigger chore and this surfer trudged up the shoreline of Prickly Pear several times to get some sea room for the next set of maneuvers.
Going upwind with a kite
Air Time Air Time

[18°30'8.42"N 64°21'55.24"W (facing NE)]
Air Time

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